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VR Sync by VR Owl

VR video playback to unlimited devices with the press of a button.
With centralized control.

With VR Sync everyone shares the same experience simultaneously.




VR Cinemas

Why VRSync?

Showing your VR content to multiple people at the same time is difficult, time consuming and far from user-friendly.

VRSync offers the solution with centralized playback from a single (mobile) device.

Our technology is used and trusted by brands like Shell, Nikon and Mammut.

  • Easy and simultaneously playback from desktop or mobile
  • No streaming, content is pre-loaded on devices
  • User friendly, users don’t need to interact with device
  • Less staff required, save time and money

How does it work?

  • Connector.

    Use your PC

    Install the remote controller software on your pc or use our web-based version.

  • Connector.

    Device preparation

    Install the application on your devices and add the 360 video(s).

  • Connector.

    Connect to Wi-Fi

    Connect your devices to Wi-Fi (or use our stand alone VRSync box).

  • Connector.


    Start the 360 video from your computer or mobile device.

What do we offer?

VRSync is suitable for all kind of events. We offer a full service package with technology, installation, onsite support and trained event staff.

    • Easy control & web remote
    • For Google Cardboard, Gear VR and Oculus GO!
    • Unlimited numbers of devices
    • Multiple 360º videos
    • Stereoscopic, monoscopic, spatial audio
    • Branded playback environments
    • Cloud hosting
    • Flexible prices

The Process

  1. 1


    Describe your use case.

  2. 2


    We’ll send you all materials you need:

    • Remote Control Software
    • The VR Application
    • Introduction guide
    • Other optionals (WIFI Box, Gear VR)
  3. 3


    Install the app, your video’s and the branding on your computer and devices. Second, connect the devices to a WIFI-network

  4. 4


    Connect your laptop with the WIFI-network, open the application and start the videos on every desirable moment

Who we have worked for

VRSync has been used by the following organizations:

  • Shell
  • Pon
  • Nikon
  • KPN
  • Mammut

Web remote & battery status

Use our web remote for easy playback from any device with an internet connection.

You can use Apple as well as Android devices and ofcourse your laptop or PC.

You can easily see their playback status, battery level and charging state from your remote.


  • Deli XL

    Deli XL at Horecava

    During the largest Horeca of the Netherlands event we showcased our VR Dining concept. Groups of 10 people joined the dining experience and got a taste of this great technology

  • Nikon


    At Photokina we used our technology to show great footage of Nikon’s new 360 camera. At two different location attendees could undergo this user friendly experience.

  • PON

    Moving world of PON

    For PON we shot great footage of their product range; from cars, to ships and bikes. This was shown during the Moving World of PON to 250 people at the same time.

  • KPN

    Digital Dutch

    KPN organised the Digital Dutch event with over 200 digital professionals in attendance. VRSync helped with showing VR experienced at key moments during the event.



Playback possibilities

Unlimited devices, as long as there is a stable Wifi connection. For a stable wifi connection we recommend the WIFI Box, so you will not run into trouble while during the video.

You can play one video at the time. Using the VRPreloader you can upload up to 14 videos to the VR devices.

VRSync creates the possibility to play the same video on the cardboard, gear VR, windows, all in one all at the same time.

Yes, using the VRPreloader you can add facebook 360 spatial audio (.tbe files) to your presentations. These are Two Big Ears files. More info here.

Yes. VRSync supports stereoscopic 360 videos.

You can customize your virtual waiting area using your company logo.

The installation is available in English.

No. you play them using VRSync. This is faster, uses less bandwidth and it saves batteries.
Better solution in all aspects.

VRSync plays Monoscopic MP4 video’s (depending on the devices capabilities) up to 4k resolution.

VRSync only plays 360 videos. But you can make an edit of the video that contains a 2D video screen which displays your video.

You can select a new video in de VRPreloader. You just have to select the number of video you want to play. You can do this in the remote.

Yes, you can watch how long the video is playing by using windows cliënt.

Yes, you can watch the video by using windows client. Windows cliënt shows the video on the computer so you can watch it without putting a headset on. You will be able to watch and make sure you can select another video.

We only offer desktop cliënt.

System requirements

To use VRsync you will need a Windows computer or laptop running the 64-bits version of Windows, Android smartphone including USB, Windows computer and smartphone with internet connection and a Gear VR headset or Cardboard viewer. oculus account nodig voor gearvr.

You can check if your computer has a 64-bits version by searching your system information. From start search for ‘system’. Open ‘system’ and you will get a list of system information. You will see under the ‘system type’ if you use a 32-bits or 64-bits operating system.

Yes, as long as the computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows 10.

VRSync supports the following devices:
Samsung galaxy S6 +Gear VR
android phone + Cardboard
all-in-one vr headsets running android

We currently don’t support apple. Apple doesn’t offer the right resolution and lacks the right specs for vr playback.

yes, you need a stable internet connection on the phone and the remote. You send the videos to the device, so you don’t stream. For a stable internet connection we recommend the VRSync Box

You need a stable internet connection with a minimum of 10 mb per second.

Yes, for setting up the settings you need a stable internet connection.

The Gear VR needs a signature for every phone that makes use of the application. The VRPreloader makes the signatures so the only thing you have to do is log in by Oculus.

The phone needs a Android 5.0 update, a gyroscope and high end video to make use of VRSync. Or you can rent multiple samsung galaxy s6 including Gear VR’s

Yes, it does. VR Sync supports Oculus Go, Gear VR and Android phones, so with Google Cardboards or other VR Cardboards.


You can create a free Oculus account in the following link: https://auth.oculus.com/login/?redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fsecure.oculus.com%2F

It will take a maximum of 30 minutes.

Go to the website and order a new license. Or contact us by email.

There are no restrictions, you can play any kind of content you want to show to people.

No, but we can send well trained event support to guide you with the setup and presentation.

You can email us 24 hours a day, we try to reply within 2 days.
Or you can call us from monday to friday between 9 and 5 (local time)

The event staff make sure everything will be set down.
You will have no responsibility’s, the event staff make sure everything works
If something goes wrong the event staff will fix it right away
The event staff will explain how the system works.

The silver license. You will be able to use VRSync for 3 months.

Check the tutorial video or quickstart guide
Take a look at the FAQ
Give us a call
To prevent this, we recommend our Event staff

No, but when you have issues it will be helpful to have event support.

We offer well trained event support. They can help with the setup, give an explanation and make sure the event goes well in all ways.

No, VRPreloader will do all the work for you.

You will go back to the virtual waiting area.

You can find all the information in the dashboard. The Dashboard contains everything you need to know about your license

When receiving your VRSync license you can log in to the Dashboard. In the Dashboard you can download the software.

We support the Samsung galaxy S6 including the Samsung Gear VR.

The phone can overheat in the following ways:
Videos that have too large resolutions, too high bitrates or are too long often cause overheating. Make sure to optimize the videos with an optimal balance of quality and filesize. ● Charging the smartphone while playing the video can sometimes cause overheating. We recommend charging the phone in advance before playing videos. ● Extremely heavy use in a short amount of time of the VRSync application can overload the phone. ● If this appears, updating the Oculus and Samsung software might solve the problem.


We offer flexible pricing:
1 Week – Per headset – €5 EUR (Flat fee after 50 devices)
1 Month – Per headset – €20 EUR (Flat fee after 50 devices)
1 Year – Per headset – €80 EUR (Flat fee after 50 devices)

Custom: Price and duration in consultation

Contact information
Phone: +31 30 711 61 58
Email: info@vrowl.nl
VRSync is a product by VR Owl

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