Augmented Reality, you have heard a lot about it lately, but what can you actually do with it? There is already a lot of experimentation, and if you look around you will see the potential for AR in the future. Here are 10 reasons why AR has so much potential!


1. AR technology is getting better every day
Apple introduced a new camera with a depth scanner on the iPhone. With that you can, for example, replace the background without a green screen in the Clips app. The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro already had such a system last year. The system can even convert entire buildings to 3D data.

Several manufacturers are working on AR glasses, which are already being used for professional applications. We are on the right track with the hardware, what about the AR apps?


2. Smartphone becomes a tool
The first batch of Augmented Reality apps for ARKit mainly consisted of experiments, the virtual tape measure immediately stood out because it is such a clear application. Blocker is also a good example of “Augmented Tools”, you can determine camera angles with a smartphone by placing virtual characters in the environment. This app is specially developed for professional photographers and filmmakers. We see more and more apps appear that are not intended as toys but to make life easier and more productive.


3. Shopping becomes an adventure
The retail sector has a hard time, how do you make a shopping centre interesting for the public again? Online shopping is better in many ways, but you still miss that physical presence and discover that feeling of a special article. With AR fitting rooms or displays that come to life, turning your traditional shop around is a true adventure.

For example, ToysRUs has developed a special “Play Chaser” AR app that can only be used in their toy stores, and you can take an AR selfie with moving Star Wars characters that appear when you stand in front of a cardboard promotion board. Coming soon to a store near you! This is a nice application for Marketing AR.


Augmented Reality tours lead the way
We have long known the guides who lead groups of tourists along with the tourist spots, we have also been introduced to virtual tours that you can view at home with VR glasses, now there are also AR tours.

In London, for example, there is a “Treasure Hunt” in which you can search for virtual “jewels” with the aim of securing the Queen’s crown jewels. Yes, that indeed looks like Pokémon GO, but specifically aimed at Augmented Reality tours in specific locations.


5. The museum comes alive
Have you ever been to a war museum? A tank from the Second World War is impressive, but when the tank drives through the wall, it is really convincing. With Augmented Reality, a dull museum can be transformed into an interactive experience that will remain with the visitor for a long time.

It does not always have to be a funfair, there is the possibility to hang paintings on a neutral wall without text or explanation. The visitor has the choice to view more information with AR glasses, smartphone or tablet, in any desired language.


6. Remove limitations with AR
A night out in the theatre can be very special, when you are deaf following a play is very difficult. This has been solved to date by staging special performances with displays next to the stage displaying live titles. Very nice, but you cannot look in two directions at the same time.

That is why a system has been developed in London based on Epson AR glasses that can show live subtitles. So you just look at the stage and you can see the actors, titles appear at the bottom of the screen as we are used to in the Netherlands with foreign television series and films. AR glasses offer an “upgrade” for people with disabilities.

Now it is also possible to offer help from afar with AR glasses. However, you will need support software like the Realwear HMT 1 Remote Support Software.


7. Making AR apps becomes accessible
Now the Augmented Reality apps are still released sparingly, this is mainly due to the high development costs. Having AR apps made is still quite expensive, but that will change quickly. Poly is a database from Google with a huge amount of free to use 3D objects for use in AR and VR (vr sync) applications, Snapchat and Facebook both have the development tools for their

AR filters open to external creatives, Appypie is a platform for the design of interactive projects where you can now also use Augmented Reality functions, and Metaverse is a free app with which you can create interactive AR quizzes based on 3D objects, photos and movies.


8. Games, games, games
According to statistics, games represent more than half of the AR app downloads in the Apple App Store. The free virtual pet app AR Dragon is the undisputed leader at the moment.

We do not count Pokémon GO for a while because Augmented Reality is an extra option. Games like AR Dragon, Zombie Gunship Revenant and AR Sports Basketball were created from the ground up as Augmented Reality games. Ideal for anyone who dreams of a puzzle without missing pieces!


9. Learning with AR
Toy manufacturer Parker has made an Augmented Reality bear, a real soft teddy bear that you can treat with AR as a patient.

Rabobank has developed PinPin, a pocket money app that resembles the normal Rabo app, but works with virtual coins (not bitcoin) to teach children how to use real money. And we know the various AR apps from Albert Heijn, with which savings cards provide information about animals on Earth, and distant planets that you can view at home.


10. Children grow up with Augmented Reality
It does not matter what adults think or want, youth has the future. And children flock to Augmented Reality. Castorama has already designed AR wallpaper with virtual characters that tell countless stories, you can also buy Augmented Reality blankets. That invisible friend from the past is now visible thanks to AR technology.


(11) Bonus
Albert Heijn has been working with an AR App scanner for the store for some time; which is a good application of AR in the Retail industry.

This list contains applications and apps that are already available, there will be many innovative ideas in the coming years.


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