While VR is used for serious purposes like virtual reality training it also still a great tool for marketeers. One that not only fits with your brand but one who personally addresses the individual customer.

Virtual reality is a new and powerful method of communicating with your audience which results in a higher engagement. In this blog will explore seven benefits of using VR for your marketing campaign.

1. Ride the Wave of the New trend

In marketing it’s always good to keep tabs on the latest trends, right now virtual reality is very popular. It’s no longer the domain of a select group of technology fans or nerds, it’s also still a novelty that people can’t wait to experience.

Just seeing a VR headset will evoke interest in your message on the screen inside the headset, and distributing content to potential customers is easier than ever. The public and media attention regarding virtual reality will give your marketing campaign a significant boost and credibility and results in a higher engagement. 

2. Grab all attention

When someone wears a VR headset people will stop and pay attention. “What’s going on?” and “Can I have a look?” are standard responses while watching others experience virtual reality. Use a potential customer wearing a VR headset to attract others.

This method of grabbing attention isn’t limited to live presentations, you can show photos and videos of prior presentations and seduce your target audience to a new VR show “coming to a location near you!”. And let’s not forget the actual user; they will view and hear your message in 360 degrees for maximum impact.

3. Provide a personalized experience

Virtual reality can be altered to the demands of both the user and the company that will provide the presentation. Let’s say you want to show a house that’s for sale. Create a personalized virtual tour with information and suggestions that are suited to the potential buyer.

With a demonstration of a new model car the potential buyer will see the automobile in the colors and style that they prefer. Depending on the format (360 video of computer generated imagery) it’s possible to customize each and every experience for your clients.

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4. Create a shared experience

The opposite of a personalized experience is also true; create a shared experience by showing a VR presentation simultaneously on several headsets. The VR Sync application by VR Owl allows the advertiser to create virtual cinemas in every location.

Stream live video or show a corporate video message and push the content tot dozens, even hundreds of VR glasses at once. This creates a communal experience without the distractions that a regular presentation will bring.

5. Keep secrets secret in public venues

When you want to introduce a new product or service, but you want to keep the competition at arms’ length there’s no better solution than a VR headset that will show your message to one person at a time. If you use content that is not available online, you can show the latest products and services to the customers of your choosing.

This secrecy will engage the customer even more, because they will feel ‘special’ for experiencing the message that you wish to convey. Meanwhile other exhibitors will be left wondering what’s so special in those VR glasses.

Talk to our experts how to use VR Sync for your marketing campaign

6. Virtual reality is scalable technology

You can show one person a simple 360 panoramic image, you can also invite hundreds of people to watch your latest line-up in a live-streaming video. VR is infinitely scalable. This also applies to the budget; even small companies can afford to rent high-end equipment and create a virtual marketing campaign.

It’s possible to keep your promotional activities intimate and personal, or reach a worldwide audience simultaneously. Virtual reality is shaped exactly the way you want the public to perceive it. Budget, audience and ambitions; VR can scale to your ambitions.

7. Explore boundless possibilities

As stated in number six VR is scalable technology in a real-world sense. This also applies to the virtual world that you want to present. It can be pretty daunting to devise a marketing campaign that offers unlimited possibilities. Fortunately there are VR professionals that are able to set custom boundaries according to the wishes and demands of the company.