This free feature gives you great insight in how VR Sync is being used and how your content is performing.


Why did we introduce analytics?

We’re always committed to provide the best possible experiences for our users. This means adding new features which are often requested by our users. One of these is a way to gain a better insight on how VR Sync is used. Specifically in terms of playback.

What does analytics offer?

VR Sync Analytics allows you to monitor your VR Sync usage. It will keep track of how many times you have played and viewed content, and the amount of connections.

How does analytics work?

Using a date range selection you can see the stats of a specific time period.  At the top you’ll see a summary. Showing the peak of connections and the total amount of commands and views. On the 2nd part you’ll see a detailed graph from the set time period. The last part of the page shows the performance of each piece of content. You are able to interact with both graphs to check specific data.

Getting started and more info

You can dive straight in by going to this page or find more information in this article. We hope you find this new feature helpful and that it will help you get even more out of VR Sync. For questions or feedback please contact us.

All the best, The VR Sync team