This free BETA  feature allows you to manage multiple VR Sync accounts from a single admin account.

Why did we introduce the organization manger?

Throughout the years we’ve added many features as a response to your feedback and requests.  Allowing us to provide a product which is perfectly in sync with the way it’s used. A feature which has been requested often is a way to manage multiple users / accounts.   We’ve now added this feature, completely free for everyone!


What does the organization manager do?

VR Sync’s organization feature enables you to manage multiple VR Sync accounts in one central place. An organization has one administrator account. With this account you can manage members, their content, remote and licenses. You can also decide who can access which part of the VR Sync accounts.

How does the organization manager work?

Create an organization and add users by inviting them per e-mail.  You can then share content with all users via the content page. Managing content for individual users is possible via the organization page. On this page you are also able to buy licenses and activate free trials.

Granting access to your users can be done in three ways:

  1. Account standard access without admin rights
  2. Remote only access to the remote control
  3. Content only publish/unpublish their own content

Getting started and more info

You can dive straight in by going to this page or find more information in the articles below:

Create and manage an organization

Manage organization user’s content

How to share VR Sync features

We hope you find this new feature helpful and that it will help you get even more out of VR Sync. For questions or feedback please contact us.

All the best,

The VR Sync team