Announcing the VR Sync affiliate program

VR Sync is one of the industry most used software programs with hundreds of satisfied user all over the world. Now we want to give our partners and clients the opportunity to share in the success of VR Sync.  That’s why we’re happy to announce the VR Sync affiliate program where we offer 30% commision on each sale!

What is VR Sync?

With VR Sync you can stream 360 videos to an unlimited amount of devices at the same time. companies like Ford, Nikon but even the United Nations are using VR Sync or all kinds of events, fairs and educational purposes.

Who can join the affiliate program?

Any company can join and promote VR Sync via our program. VR companies, event agencies, website owners, bloggers, YouTubers. Basically anyone who has a online channel. withWrite a blog, publish a article or just send your unique link by

Why should i join?

VR Sync a high value product tailored towards a fast growing niche with very little competition. It offers newsworthy and interesting content and high profile cases for companies like Ford and the United Nations.

How does the affiliate program work?

You can apply here to become an affiliate. After approval you are given an unique URL. Any purchase made within 60 days via that url will earn you a commision. Each month we will pay out via your bank account.

How much can i earn?

We give away 30% in commissions on the licenses. VR Sync is used around the world and customers often purchase for thousands of euros at once.

Using VR Sync for corporate training or onboarding

In our latest article we discussed the benefits of using virtual reality for onboarding. Now we’ll go in depth and explain how VR Sync can help with your virtual reality onboarding process. First we’ll discuss how to select your hardware and content. Then we’ll explain how to prepare, upload and test. Lastly we’ll show you the advantages of VR Sync and how to use the software..

Why you should use virtual reality for your onboarding process

Virtual reality offers numerous advantages for learning tools and methods. It helps you get a better insight in the company and its culture.  It helps you train more effectively and it enhances retention. Using VR also keeps things consistent because each trainee is shown the same content.  Lastly it’s a great tool to stand out against competitors when recruiting new employees.

Selecting the right 360 content

VR Sync can handle 360 degree content which in most cases has to be developed in-house since each companies is unique and on boarding processes differ.  The 360 content should be in 1:2 equirectangular format and abide by the following specs:

VR Sync supports:

– Monoscopic 360 video
– Stereoscopic 360 video
– Spatial Audio
– 360 Photo

Video specifications:

Codec: H265 or H264
Resolution: 3840×1920
FPS: 30
Max bitrate: 16 mb/s
Audio: Stereo aac audio or .tbe (two big ears)

Photo specifications:

Codec JPG, PNG
Resolution: 3840×1920

You can check your file details to make sure it’s supported by VR Sync.  To do so on an Apple computer open the file in Quicktime and hit Command-J. On a Windows PC click your right mouse button and select ‘Properties’.

The right VR hardware for your onboarding process

We suggest using so called mobile or all-in-one VR headsets for 360 video playback. VR Sync supports numerous devices from the Samsung Gear VR,  Lenovo Mirage Solo to the PICO VR headset. However, our weapon of choice at the moment is the Oculus GO. It offers a user friendly and comfortable experience with a great screen and long battery life.  Offering all this against a price of 220 makes the Oculus GO first choice for synchronized 360 playback.

Preparing, uploading and testing your 360 content with VR Sync

Using VR Sync is very straightforward and mostly automated. Follow these 3 steps to get started:

  1. The first step is installing VR Sync on all your devices. You can do so by going to the download page. Installing VR Sync is done either by downloading the app directly or using a so called redeem code.
  2. After installing VR Sync enter your unique pin code which can be found on the dashboard. This links your VR device to your account
  3. Upload your 360 degree content to the dashboard and select publish. This will wirelessly push all the selecting content to all of your devices

After all your content is on your devices we suggest testing it with the use of our remote control. This allows you to instantly play your 360 content in sync to all your devices. Make sure you test each device to avoid problems during the onboarding process.  Pro tip: keep at least 10% of your total devices as back-up.

Using VR Sync during the actual onboarding process

Once you tested your content and devices you’re ready for your next onboarding session.  Using our remote control you’re in full control. Use this to start, stop and play your content but also monitor the battery level and playback status of each device. To make things even easier you can create a playlist, loop content and even send messages to your audience.

Getting started with VR Sync

VR Sync offers a free trial for an unlimited period, without any restrictions.  We only place a watermark to avoid any unfair use. Get started today and make your onboarding process easy next to innovative.

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