What Oculus GO means for large VR events

The Oculus GO is a mobile VR headsets released by Oculus in may of 2018. It’s a so called all in one headsets which has all the hardware on board to operate independently. In this article you’ll read everything about the Oculus GO and it’s impact on VR events. We’ll discuss the following.

What is the Oculus GO
Oculus GO compared to other headsets for events
Why Oculus GO is so suited for events
Why the Oculus Go is the ideal VR Sync companion

What is the Oculus Go?

The Oculus Go is the second VR headset released by Facebook. The older sibling, the Oculus Rift operates in six degrees of freedom whereas the Oculus Go only supports three degrees of freedom. Simply put; this means that with the Oculus Go you can only look around compared to with the Oculus Rift where you can also walk or jump around in the virtual reality space

For 360-video playback this is not an issue. The Oculus Go is actually a better option compared to the more expensive Oculus Rift. If you want to watch 360 video or play simple games, the cheaper and easy-to-use Oculus Go is the logical choice. Especially for VR events, arcades and other facilities where larger crowds have to experience virtual reality at once. For 360-videos, the Oculus Go is the best choice at the moment.

It has a great screen, sensors and battery which can play 360 video’s at resolution of 4096 x 2048 resolution at staggering 70 frames per second. The battery lasts for almost 2,5 hours when continuously playing 360 content.

Oculus Go VS Google Cardboard

The Google Cardboard offers an entry level VR experience using just cardboard and two simple lenses. It works, is cheap,  but the experience is far from perfect. The image quality is lacking and the quality of the experience relies solely on the phone capacities itself. Securing the phone is also difficult which makes it prone to theft and there is a big risk of it falling.

Oculus Go VS Gear VR

Both the Gear VR and Oculus Go are solid choices for synchronized VR and our VR Sync solution works with both. However, the Gear VR is more expensive because you also need a Galaxy smartphone. Additionally the Gear VR has more issues with overheating and has a shorter battery life. The handling is also more complicated because you have to remove to phone to manage content and properly charge.

Why use the Oculus Go at your event?

The Oculus GO is simply made for VR. Specifically designed with tailored hardware which results in a much better experience, especially for VR events. The screen has more pixels per inch which results in a clearer images which can even manage 70 frames per second.  Better lenses and battery life up to 2,5 hours makes it the weapon of choice for any VR event.

Next to the great quality, the Oculus GO also has a chic look and the headset fits well on your head. It’s the most comfortable mobile device so far. Which counts for a lot when having to put the headset on for multiple occasions during an event. No adjustment of focus is needed because the Oculus GO has large lenses which are suited for most viewers.

Why the Oculus Go is the ideal VR Sync companion

Next to the great image quality, easy of use and high comfort it matches perfectly with our Sync solution. Files can be uploaded to the devices with ease and than played back in sync with just the press of the button. Using our specially designed Sync box you don’t even need an internet connection on site. Just connect the Oculus Go to the Sync box and you are ready to roll.  With our web remote you can even group multiple Oculus GO and play specific content to selected devices. it’s also possible to check the battery level which gives you enough time to replace a unit if necessary.

Oculus GO; the best VR headset for events.

The Oculus GO is the best headset for VR Sync because of the following:

  • Made for VR; all hardware is included for stand alone playback
  • Great image quality, high FPS, long battery live and no overheating
  • Great look, comfort and suited for almost everyone’s vision
  • Affordable at just 220 euros and easy to handle

Would you like to test the Oculus GO with our VR Sync software? We offer a trial which you can request here.

How to do a VR presentation with 400 Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is the most sold VR headset thus far. It uses a Galaxy series smartphone in combination with VR headset to provide a simple and smooth VR experience. In this article we’ll talk about how use the Gear VR for a VR presentation and will cover the following:

Selecting the right content for the Samsung Gear VR
Selecting the right Gear VR and Galaxy smartphone
Preparing the Gear VR and content
Preparing your VR presentation
Executing your VR presentation with the Samsung Gear VR

Selecting the right content for the Samsung Gear VR

More often that not the content you use in your VR presentation is determined by the client and is almost always 360 video content. If this it this case always check if the content matches the recommended specification featured below. To be a 100% sure always test the content on Gear VR itself.

  • Resolution 3840 x 1920
  • Codecs H.264 en h.265
  • Filesize 700 mb
  • Length 10 minutes
  • Bitrate 16 Mb/s
  • FPS 6030

We recommend content should not be longer that 5 minutes because most people are pretty much done with being immersed after a couple of minutes. If the content is longer consider cutting it into multiple segments. This also puts less stress on the GearVR.  

Selecting the right Gear VR and Galaxy smartphone

The Gear VR has been along for couple of years and has multiple versions. While the Gear VR hasn’t changed much the Galaxy line has become a bit better throughout the years. The most important improvements from the S6 to the S7 and S8 relate to resolution and battery live. The resolution has increased slightly and the battery capacity has gone from 2500mha to 3000mha. Resulting in a slightly sharper image and about 20/25 minutes extra battery live when using VR.

Since most VR presentations don’t last that long and the screen upgrade is hardly noticeable we advise using the S6. It saves a lot of money in purchase as well as rent. 

Preparing the Gear VR and 360 content

After you’ve making sure that the content matches the specs we advise doing a stress test to see how the Gear VR holds up. This means playing the content on multiple devices for an extended period of time.  You can use synchronization software like our own VR Sync to easily push the content to the devices and then control playback with our remote. Check the battery status and if the device has issues like overheating. If the Gear VR has issue with the battery make sure you have backup power during the event like power chords with charge or a power bank. When there’s issues with overheating reduce the specs by for exampling lowering the bitrate. After the stress test you can push the content to all devices with VR Sync. Install our Android app on the Galaxy phones, upload the content using our contentmanager and then push it wirelessly to all devices.

Preparing the VR presentation

For events of this scale we advise using a local network.  With our Sync Box you only need an power connection to operate. Plug in the Sync box, connect your VR devices and you’re good to go. You can then use our web based remote to connect to the Sync box and control and monitor your devices.

Also make sure other aspects like power supply, cleaning supplies and accessories like phone charges are taken care off. Briefing the staff at the event is also crucial. Make sure they know what to do when something goes wrong and who to talk to. If you like more information, check out our checklist for a large synchronized VR event.

After all devices have been set up and the staff is ready do a dress rehearsal where you run through the entire presentation.

Executing the VR presentation

If you’re well prepared and tested executing should be the easy part. If you have the opportunity instruct participants about the use of the headset. If not, you can always show a short instructional video before the actual content starts.

Using synchronization software like VR Sync will make playback straightforward. Just press play to play the content to all devices at once. Using the remote you’re able to monitor playback and see the battery levels of each device. If a device fails you can immediately take action. Now just sit back and enjoy the show.

Your checklist for a large synchronized VR events 

Virtual reality doesn’t have to be a individual experience. Syncing up multiple VR headset and having multiple participants view the same content at the same time is a great way to make it more social.  Maaing sure that large VR event runs smoothly can be a daunting task. In this article we’ll provide you with a checklist so you can easily organize a large synchronized VR event with a minimum of effort for a maximum impact.

The steps we’ll cover are.

  • Choosing the right content
  • Choosing the right VR headsets
  • Choosing additional hard and software
  • Briefing the staff
  • Preparing the location
  • Executing the event

Choosing the right content

The type of content is often pre-determined by the cliënt but sometimes you’ll have to select it in line with the theme or target audience. When synchronizing the VR experience is required we advise 360 video content. This can be played on smaller, cheaper and more scalable VR headsets. Having a selection of nature, sports, racing and cinematic 360 content makes selection really simple. This content can be found and downloaded from YouTube.

If you use your own software you’ve probably checked it before. When the provided with content always make sure it works properly, has the right specs and no editing flaws.

Choose the right VR headset

Large synchronized VR events use almost exclusively mobile VR headsets. These need no additional hardware and can be easily synchronized with for example our VR Sync software. We advise using the Oculus GO. At a price point of just 220 euros it’s by far the cheapest mobile headset while offering a great resolution, battery live and comfort level.

The Samsung Gear VR would be our second choice. It’s a more expensive and is technically less impressive than the GO buit suits your need for 360 playback.

It’s also an option to use branded VR Cardboards with Android phones. While the experience will be less due it offers more brand exposure and Cardboards serve as a great give away.

When you’ve chosen the hardware always check if each headsets works, is able to charge and has no errors when playing 360 content. Also make sure the client has approved the hardware. Showing them the content of the device is the best way to do sio

3. Choosing additional hard and software

After you’ve chosen the right content and VR headset you sometimes need additional hard or software for your synchronized VR event. Most importantly you would need software to manage your devices and content, sync op headsets and playback the content during the event.

We’ve developed a piece of software for this purpose called VR Sync. It enables you to easily upload you content and push it wirelessly to all your devices. During the event you can control playback with just the push of a button and monitor the status of each device.You might need additional hardware or a stand alone WiFi network. Relying on the event location itself is often tricky. Our software offers the option to use a Sync box which is a local network which included access points. You would just need power to easily manage your synchronized VR event.

Other hardware might included chargers, power chords and/or power banks to keep your devices supplied with enough power. Also, don’t forget backup units. We advise around 10% of the total devices use.  From a hygiene stand point having cleaning supplies and/por so called VR covers might be useful.

4. Briefing the staff

Selecting proper hardware and using synchronization software are essential but the staff also play a critical role. You should brief them on the following:

  • Who the client is and what the goal of the event is
  • Who is in charge and how to get in touch
  • The amount, type and duration of the content
  • The hardware used and what to do if anything failed
  • What to do if someone has issues

Your staff should now how to handle issues. Explain the hardware, how to troubleshoot and when to replace the hardware. We alway tell participants to raise their hands when something is wrong. This way the staff can jump in and help out.

5. Preparing the location

The location should be properly prepared and you should have enough time to do a dress rehearsal. Installing the hardware and testing your Sync solution is the first step. Make sure your network has enough coverage and that back up units are within reach. Place all your VR devices in the vicinity of the participants so you can easily start the show.

5. Executing your VR Sync event

If you’ve followed all the steps executing the event should be easy. If it’s possible it’s always smart to instruct participants how the VR devices, what to do if they don’t feel well or when the hardware malfunctions. Playing the content itself should be the easiest when using our Sync software. The final step is enjoying the show and seeing the crowd having a great  experience.


  • Content has been verified or provided by client
  • Content has the right specifications
  • Content has no editing errors


  • Hardware has been approved by client
  • VR Devices can chargeVVR Devices has all accessoires
  • VR Devices can play the selected content
  • Back up units are availableCharges are available


  • Cleaning supplies are available
  • Power banks are selected
  • Sync Box is powered
  • Devices can connect to Sync box


  • Staff know the client and content
  • Staff know who’s in charge
    Staff now hot to troubleshoo


  • Hardware is connected and tested
  • Back up units are within reach but out of sight
  • VR Devices are within reach of participants


  • Crowd has been instructed

Synchronize Cardboard video with VR Sync

With Virtual Reality you are able to visit places you have never been before, in times that might be far in the past. You can even go to locations that are far beyond your reach and even travel to the distant future. However, you will have to travel there alone. It is possible with some Virtual Reality applications and services to connect to other people in the world as you would with regular chat apps, however you are unable to share these adventures with the people around you. But now there is a solution created by VR Owl, software that allows you to synchronize cardboard playback to multiple devices. You control the devices from a central location with simultaneous results. It allows you to stream 360 video to Cardboard VR headsets. This makes it possible for several individuals or large groups to enjoys VR video in unison.

Google Cardboard sync vr video 

The search engine giant Google leaves no stone unturned when it comes to technological innovation. From autonomous cars to mapping the entire world in Street View and bringing Artificial Intelligence to your home, if there’s a technological challenge you can be sure Google will accept it. Android is the mobile operating system from Google that can be used by any manufacturer that is interested in doing so. Using this strategy, Android has become the most widely used mobile operating system by a great margin. In 2014 two Google employees came to the conclusion that those small pocket computers could also work as mobile Virtual Reality devices. They designed a basic cradle for smartphones, equipped with two plastic lenses for a 3D stereoscopic view. Two years later Google had sold over ten million of these inconspicuous brown boxes. The most popular application for this VR headset is YouTube, about a third of time spend in VR is by watching 360 videos. There’s one problem though; you can’t sync Cardboard 360 video to multiple devices.

Play 360 video to Cardboard on multiple devices with VR Sync

How to stream 360 video to Cardboard on multiple devices? That was a question waiting to be answered, and the Virtual Reality company Owl VR figured it out. By using a host application on one device you can sync Cardboard playback to multiple devices. Based on the simplicity of the Google Cardboard VR headset, Owl VR designed software that’s also very easy to use, yet deceptively powerful. The challenge to stream VR 360 video in sync to multiple devices is not easy, but they have managed it nonetheless. If you would rather have a slightly more elegant version of the basic Cardboard holder you could also stream 360 video to Gear VR headsets on multiple devices. This VR headset is more comfortable to wear and looks quite stylish. The Gear VR works exclusively with Samsung Galaxy devices. These are also smartphones based on the Android operating system, but Samsung also uses a special Oculus VR application for high quality Virtual Reality content.

Cardboard Synchronization

So, Owl VR has figured out a way to sync Cardboard video to multiple devices, but how does it work? The software can be installed, or run directly from a web browser. You can use the application on a PC, the web version even works on mobile systems. It is virtually impossible to stream VR video to Cardboard on multiple devices due to bandwidth restrictions.

A 4K 360 video takes up a lot of space, and streaming to dozens of devices would just not be feasible. So Owl VR has found a clever solution; place the video on the smartphones beforehand. This way the hosting app only has to send a simple “play” signal to all available devices and the video will play on every system in perfect sync. You don’t need a fast broadband connection at the location, you only need a Wifi connection for internal use. If a Wifi signal is not available you can use the VRSync box that was developed for this specific purpose.

Synchronized Video Playback on multiple Cardboards

If you play VR video to Cardboard on multiple devices the audience can experience the same content at the same moment in time, just like in a theater. But this time you don’t need a large screen or a projector, and these video’s can be rendered in 360 panorama format in stereoscopic 3D for a truly immersive experience.

There are numerous applications for this technology, for instance in schools for students, in virtual cinemas for entertainment purposes, for lectures or on-stage presentations. A small VR headset will turn into an enormous screen in front of your eyes, and all the other eyes in the same room.

Cardboard Synchronized 360 Video

You can synchronize playing cardboard movies and leave it at that, but that’s a technological solution. In the end the technology should benefit the user. Because the software is so easy to use, and the hardware such as the VR headsets and optional VRSync box are so well designed, everyone can set up a large presentation in a short amount of time.

To make this process easier Owl VR offers additional services and staff to help the user out on location. However, the complete solution is so straightforward that many clients can do it all by themselves. The technology should always be in service of the person, and VR Sync achieves this goal by bringing people together in VR.

Synchronize Gear VR video with VR Sync

The best aspect of Virtual Reality is the possibility to explore new realities, places and time periods that are impossible to visit in person. The drawback of Virtual Reality that is often expressed by detractors of this technology is the strictly individual experience. Although there are social VR services and applications allowing you to share content across the globe, you can’t share these experiences with the person sitting right next to you. But now you can! Owl VR has developed software that allows you to synchronize Gear VR playback. You can simultaneously connect Samsung Gear VR and “feed” them from a central location. This way you can stream VR video to Gear VR on multiple devices and share any experience in 360 video. Now you can really experience VR together.

Samsung Gear VR headset

You probably know Samsung as a manufacturer of home electronics including a wide range of smartphones. The flagship smartphones are the Galaxy models with all the top shelf hardware to make it a premium product. The beautiful screen and the fast processing capabilities offer a wide range of applications. You are basically holding a PC system in your hands. In this day and age we have become quite jaded about this type of technology. Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, what’s the difference? Well, Samsung noticed an upcoming interest in Virtual Reality and entered an agreement with Oculus VR, a leading brand in high quality Virtual Reality solutions. The Oculus Rift is a high-end VR headset that functions as an accessory for a fast PC system. In close collaboration with Samsung, the Oculus Home software was redesigned to work on a mobile handset. Samsung created a special smartphone cradle named Gear VR. When you plug a Galaxy smartphone into the cradle you suddenly have a mobile VR system in your hands, ready to transport you to a different reality.

Play 360 video to Gear VR on multiple devices with VR Sync

VR Owl is a multinational company that specializes in Virtual Reality applications for business use. This company did not only admire the elegant simplicity of the technologically advanced Gear VR solution, they also noticed the lack of a social experience. What if you could play VR video to Gear VR on multiple devices at the same time? For instance during a product presentation on stage, during talks and interviews with a crowd, for educational purposes in the classroom or for VR Cinemas? The concept of simultaneous video is easy to achieve on a television screen or a digital projector, but is this possible for Virtual Reality systems? The answer is yes, Owl VR has developed a solution that is elegant and simple, just like the Gear VR itself. The system allows you to sync Gear VR video to multiple devices. With a few simple steps anyone can setup this system, and use it for a few minutes, a day or during a complete course. You don’t even need a fast internet connection in order to transfer up to 4K video to be numerous VR devices. How did Owl VR achieve this incredible feat?

Gear VR Synchronization

In order to share video across multiple devices you will have to simultaneously connect Gear VR headsets. Owl VR has developed special remote controller software that you can use on a PC. Alternatively you can use the web version, in that case you don’t have to install a specific application. Depending on the circumstances a dedicated piece of software or the web version will be more convenient to set up at a moment’s notice. With Wifi you can connect all the required Gear VR systems in the area. You can the use the computer or mobile device running the software to start the video presentation for all devices simultaneously. If Wifi is not available at the location you can use the special VRSync box.

Synchronized Video Playback on multiple Gear VR’s

We already mentioned there’s no requirement for a fast internet connection, how is it possible to show the video on so many devices? First of all, separate video streams on dozens of devices would overload the internet connection, so a different solution is required. The trick is to push the content to the VR viewer beforehand, to load them onto the device. The remote controller app does not send video, neither do you actually stream 360 video to Gear VR on multiple devices, the app merely sends a synchronized signal to start the same video file present on the connected VR viewers.

Gear VR Synchronized 360 Video

With this technology you are able to sync Gear VR 360 video to multiple devices without the need for an outside internet connection, and the playback plays simultaneously in controlled, high quality video and in perfect sync. Because you can play 360 video to Gear VR on multiple devices, the entire crowd will experience the same impactful presentation, creating a great atmosphere and a true group experience. The VRSync software and optional VRSync box allows you to sync Gear VR playback to multiple devices, in an elegant and simple manner with striking results. Contact the Owl VR team for more information about this groundbreaking technology.

The Gear VR controller makes VR gaming better

This year samsung will st the full focus on the Gear VR headset for the new Samsung Galaxy devices. Although this Virtual reality holder only works with a certain amount of luxury Samsung devices, the managed to deliver up to a amount of 5 million devices worldwide.

Since Samsung anounced by buying a Galaxy s6 you coukld receive a discount or free Gear VR would play a big part in the sales figures. Every individual VR platform needs a big group of avtive VR users to ensure the survival. Samsungs plans of 2017 show that they will expand their positions as a affordable VR platform in the future.

Allot of new titles for the Gear VR
At this point there are up to 600 titles available for the Gear VR. A part of the titles are also available for the google cardboard and the new Google daydream, there are some games and other types of applications that are originally have been produced for the Oculus rift. With the introducing of the new VR controller for the Samsung Gear VR, suddenly there will be all kinds of new possibilities for app developers.

Including 20 new titles by the introductions of the new VR controller, and 50 titles that will show up in a short amount of time the current Gear VR gamesrs will be seduced to purchase the new controller.The new controller doesn’t only work with the new edition of the Gear VR, but also with the 2 previous editions of the Samsung gear VR.

A Night Sky
Coatsink software has developed a simple game for Gear VR owners
that will be available for free. They already kept the support of the new VR controller in mind.

S.W.A.T Academy
This is another game that thankfully makes use of the new VR controller. In this game you can practise with certain types of guns by using the controller as a virtual pistol, rifle and other weapons.

Break a leg

Esper 1 and 2 are among the most populair games on the Gear VR. The combination between puzzle and humor turned out to be a golden concept. With Break a leg the producers try to pursue a similar atmosphere. This time with the use of the VR controller. It looks like a puzzle game in the Harry potter world. A free demo will show of soon, and the full game will be released later this year.

Ultra wings

The new controller may be limited comparing to the Oculus touch controllers for the rift, however the path is now free for Gear VR versions of rift games. Ultra wings switchres to the mobile platform, it is a game where you can freely fly around. Both the Gear VR and the rift work with the Oculus platform, so there will be probably conversions in the future.

The owners of a Oculus rift van play Rockband in Virtual reality, but the Gear VR owners will get SingSpace. A VR karaoke game including a social element. It appears thuis game will fit excellent in the wearable Gear VR headset. SingSpace is developped by Harmonix, the company behind RockBand.

Sharper image exclusive for Gear VR
Every current VR headsets had loads of a “screen door” effect, a grid pattern that arises by magnifying the pixels on the screen. While we are waiting for a payable screen including high resolution, John Carmack of Oculus creates a other solution. By building the image in another way the resolution can optically be increased by a factor of 1.5 per axle which effectively produce a double resolution.

At this point this trick only works in the Oculus home and the Gear VR. Later other types of apps will follow. This isn’t the first time that the Samsung Gear VR the preferreds above the Oculus rift from Carmack, previously minecraft came first out on the Samsung Gear VR.

Google Daydream doesn’t work on the Samsung Galaxy 8
The number of smartphones that meets the technical requirements for the google Daydream can be count on one hand. Although you would be assume that the most powerful android smartphone on the market easily would satisfy the specifications, turns out the new Daydream does not to work on the Samsung galaxy 8.When installing google Daydream you will receive a error that show Daydream can not be installed.

Not so strange, because the Gear VR and the Daydream are direct competitors, otherwise it seems not to be a smart move of google because the Daydream isn’t a big success at this time. Doesn’t Google want their VR system on the Samsung devices, or doesn’t samsung want to give their direct competitors a Platform?

Samsung is on their way to put on a full VR experience with the Samsung Gear VR system. Even when you have another device you can rent a Gear VR, especially with the new controller it would be more fun to play VR games.

Samsung Galaxy 8 will bring more VR possibilities

While Apple will set their focus on augmented reality, Samsung will stay on their path of virtual reality with their new Samsung Galaxy 8, 8+ and accessoires. After the google cardboard, the Samsung Gear VR is the most popular platform on the market, with the new line up they want to build further on their success.

Will this do the trick with their 2 new smartphones, the renewed 360 degrees camera, Gear VR and new VR controllers to play VR games? Let’s have a look what Samsung will offer this year.

Galaxy S8 en S8+
Just like the version 7, they announced 2 new models. The S8+ has a bigger screen, there is no restriction in a curved edge. The thin edges make the device extremely suitable for augmented reality apply, the real picture and screen run hurry blend seamlessly. The fingerprint is replaced for a iris scanner, so they won’t need a fisic button on the front side of the device.

The processor is faster than the previous edition, that’s good because the virtual assistant Bixby need that power hardly. The creators of Apple Iphone’s Siri made a new version for Samsung with more possibilities like recognizing objects. Do you see someone with a nice pair of shoes? Bixby will search directly a show where you can order a pair. The housing is resistant against water and dust, which is very useful if you’re filming with the new Gear 360 camera. Wearable charging is possible with the optional charger.

Samsung Gear 360 Camera
The first Gear 360 camera belonged directly to the best panorama camera’s in the consumer price range. The newest version has received a smaller boll and 2 lenses, a handle to film with a loose wrist. The rubber ring on the underside offers stability when filming from a fixed position. The handle also has a connection for a standard tripod.

You can film 4K resolution, although the the capability of the accu is smaller you can film for a longer time. With the card locker you can use a microSD card up to 256 GB. A big difference between the previous version is the possibility to use other types of smartphone than the Samsung devices, You can even install the apps on a Apple device.

Incidentally all devices have the same functionality. For example the Iphone app cant live stream. The live stream functions is though also new for the Gear 360, although there will be a considerable delay between the live action and the live stream picture. It is a intressting new feature, for example during the registration of a live concert and event.

Sportive photography and filming is still possible, thanks to the IP53 protecting against dirt and splashing water. The camera is bacause of that not fully water proof like the S8 smartphone. Despite all the improvements the Gear 360 will be cheaper than the previous edition, this makes the second edition a absolute top camera for the consumer class. The new Kodak ORBIT360 4K is the only competitor at the moment, although this camera doesn’t support the live function of the Gear 360.

Samsung Gear VR
The design of the new Gear VR, does look allot like the version of last year. Yet does this new model veel lighter than his last version. You can still use the Galaxy s6 and S7 devices and the Note 5. The biggest renewal is the controller which you can control with one hand. After the introduction of the Google Daydream View with comparable controller, could Samsung not stay behind.

You can expect finesse of the Oculus touch, yet does this controller has motion sensors on board for a special interactive experience. There will be 20 titles available after the introduction that will make use of the controller, with 50 more title that will show up in the coming months.

Besides the controller also the software has been upgraded. The experience on all Oculus devices including the Rift is checked, among with personal avatars you can see on every system. The social aspect is extended , also the browser on which you can watch 360 videos on youtube is simpler. You can also browse normally on the internet, whereby the Gear VR will become a full virtual screen. With up to 600 apps in the Gear VR store it is good to see that you can search the apps much intuitive with the new division.

The way of how the pictures has shown up is by the help of some software tricks improved. A disadvantage of the “bloated pixels” is the so called “screen door” effect either a grid pattern which is visible when you carry the Gear VR. They now know better to suppress this, there are software-based performance reflected everywhere. Now the Oculus Home will start up much faster comparing with the old software.

The future of VR is mobile
During the introduction of the Gear VR it seems to be a bad thought besides the seriuous headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE. After selling 5 millions devices the consumer decided to choose for the convenience of this luxury smartphone holder. Although the Gear VR doesn’t have the absolute positioning like other Virtual reality headsets, the price is reasnoable. There is allot of software to download whereby you doesn’t need a expensive PC or kables.

The new line Samsung devices en assecoires show clearly that Samsung lay their focus on the smartphone devices for VR and AR use, especially the new Gear 360 camera and the controller for the Gear 360 makes the set compleet. It is good to see that Samsung keep supporting the previous S devices and tat they opent the door for other brands an modells with the Gear 360 Camera.

Doesn’t know if you need to switch from Iphone to Samsung for a VR experience? Youcan also rent a Gear VR, so you can test if it is something for you.

Gear VR is the absolute leader in VR Headsets

You have desktop gamers and console gamers. Many desktop gamers have watched down on console gamers for years. By bad conversions and developers which have to create a game for 2 different target groups, there was regular hate and envy between the gamers using a mouse for the pc and gamers using a controller for the television. A comparing phenomenon servicenow in Virtual Reality. The lovers of “real’ VR like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive watch down on the mobile VR devices like Gear VR and the Google Cardboard. Some critics claim that even the VR experience of a mobile solution the technologie been put in a bad daylight. When we look at the sales figures, it is clear that there is one winner; Gear VR.

The Gear VR is leading

The modest Gear VR of Samsung is more often been over the counter, than all other VR headsets combined. Google Cardboard holders hasn’t been count in. We watch at the Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Playstation VR and the Google Daydream. Cardboard isn’t a specific VR system, but a function for android (and in less options for apple).

In 2016 there has been sold a total of 6,3 million headset whereof 4,51 million of Samsung Gear VR copies. For the sake of clarity, for the other devices it concerns estimates. Samsung is the only provider who announced their sales figure. It is notable that the Oculus Rift, the VR headset that put this new fase of VR to the start, with 240.000 pieces at the bottom of the top 5 stands. Even the Daydream which in the last kwart of 2016 has been introduced; 20.000 more pieces have shipped.

Playstation VR is scoring very good as well

Although the PS VR his 750.000 copies far below the 4.51 million headsets of Gear, Sony can not complain with the success of the PSVR. Especially when you realise you’ll need a ps4 to make use of the headset. The price for a PSVR starts with €399,- while you can pay a Gear VR for €99,-.

Worthy product or giveaway?

The Gear VR has been used several times to stimulate the sale of the luxury Samsung smartphones. It isn’t clear if the promotion copies are counted in the total sales figure. The Gear VR is a luxury holder for another Samsung product, a accessoire. This can also be said about the other headsets, it is increasingly peripheral devices. It isn’t camparable with the Hololens, where a full windows 10 desktop is hidden in. Although you will pay like 3000 dollars.

Limitations of the smartphone

The Gear VR, Google Cardboard and the Google Daydream are headsets which only works with the smartphone hardware. Although some devices can run several tasks very good, they aren’t perfect for VR applications. These are the major constraints:
The process power of a smartphones is much lower than a desktop. In this way the images can’t be as realistic shown like a desktop headset.
Smartphone VR doesn’t have positional tracking. You can watch in 360 degrees but you can’t move. This is the primary reasons why this isn’t ‘real’ VR.
You will always need a smartphone. You can not use the regular smartphone functies while being in VR . A Gear VR including a smartphone exclusive use for VR, makes the complete set very expensive.

The primary reason of the big success of the Samsung Gear VR will be the sharp prices and the popularity of the device. Samsung needed this success after the exploding batteries of the phones.

The offer of the Gear VR

In opposition to the google cardboard, does the Samsung Gear has is ow App store based on the android operating system. Samsung cooperated with Oculus to create this platform. Some titles we see for the Gear VR we already know from the Oculus rift. These are some interesting titles for the Gear VR:


The first big hit for the Gear VR was Gunjack. This action game is based on the universe of EVE; Online but with more action and less strategie. The Graphics are very impressive for a mobile game.


Although every VR, AR and MR system wanted to launch this game, it was the Gear VR who got the scoop. The mobile minecraft version was changed for the use in virtual reality with good results.

Drop Dead

It is notable that there are allot of zombie shooters for the Gear VR, Drop Dead is by far the best in their genre. Excellent design, nice cartoon graphics and a professional finish makes Drop Dead an excellent example for mobile VR gaming.

End Space

Although this game looks allot like Gunjack, it is a different game. In End space you can fly around for free, this is not possible for Gunjack. End space does have notable good graphics and sound.

Dragon Front

This turned based strategy card game is available for both Gear VR as the Oculus rift. You can play this game alone or online against friends. Although the graphics of the Gear VR are a little less impressive the game play keeps in tact.

These are some examples of the Gear VR games that are worthy to play. Besides games and video apps you will see some experiments lik ‘Face Your Fears’in which you will be confronted with your biggest fears.

Rent or buy Gear VR

The Gear VR is a accessory for several Samsung devices. When you feature a suitable devices it is worthy to buy a Gear VR. Just with the free apps you can play for hours. You can also rent a Gear VR include a Samsung smartphone. You can test the Gear VR so you know if it is something for you. The gear VR is also suitable for events and party’s.

What is Samsung doing?

Originally the Gear VR was a simple mobile solution of the Oculus rift. Both Gear VR as the Oculus Rift work with the Oculus software. However is is the mobile VR headset of Samsung who is in control, with a sales figure over 5 million pieces worldwide. Now the market of the smartphones is stagnating, Samsung is focusing more often on VR. These are some interesting projects Samsung is working on:

Virtual screen

It is actually pretty obvious, a virtual monitor as glasses. Samsung made a concept video that gives all devices in the living room a virtual screen. Because the glasses cooperate with existing hardware like a smartphone or laptop the glass can sat compact. A virtual screen is very big, without the need ance of a big monitor on the desk. The glass has augmented possibilities as well.


Using the system you can make a 3D scan of the living room to customize your interior. After the scan you can set up the virtual room to your own wishes. You can see if the furniture fits, which colours would be nice and you can order the furniture right away using the app. The 3D scanner is at the moment in the concept face.


Using the headset including a build in camera, you can correct eye disorder right away. Just like you can put a filter on the camera image like Snapchat you can sharp or deform the image to compensate the eye disorder of the user. It is possible with the Samsung smartphone and Gear VR, though you have to remove the front just like the image.

Gear VR for everybody

The first Gear VR that you could buy in stores costed €199,-. The second generation of the gear VR wasn’t only better, but cheaper as well with a price of €99,- . With the introducing of the Smartphones S7 and S7 edge the quick buyers could receive a free Gear VR. In this way Samsung received hundreds of thousands new users. They didn’t put the gear in the chest, with 1 million of current users the Gear VR is a big success.

Google Cardboard gets competition

Google cardboard is the cheap way to make use of VR. With the use of a piece of cardboard you can enjoy many VR apps on android and apple devices. Although does The Gear VR offers a better experience with the extra hardware and the closed Oculus system. Also it helps that the Gear VR brings in some nice primeurs like mincraft, one of the best video productions NextVR makes exclusive Gear VR productions.

Samsung is “the brand to beat”

Other companies have to watch Samsung very closely. While gopro has hard times comes Samsung with the Gear VR 360 camera. The rift doesn’t have a VR controller and samsung already showed their promotion appliance for their Rink controller. Beside that the Gear VR is fully wireless. When you buyed a Galaxy S& is might be time for a Gear VR, because the future of VR looks very shiny.

Plant the virtual seeds

Samsung is investing in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things and other innovative technologies. The recently invested allot of money in 10 startups: 2Sens, Converge Industries, Dashbot, Entry Point VR, Filament, Intezer, LiquidSky, Otto Radio, SafeDK, en Virtru. With the investment the companies can expand to a ‘Series B investment’ round, either receive more capital from investments. Samsung has spread 5 offices over the world that put their focus in innovation, in Korea, Mountain view, New York, San Francisco and Tel Aviv. More locations will follow.

Passion for the next level

In fact Samsung has turned the Global innovation Centre to Next with the purpose to transform the Samsung Ecosystem. This Goal lies in line with the developments of last years. Specially the mobile branch of Samsung look like to follow the demarcated rate of Apple. You can use the Gear VR only with specific Samsung devices. Although 150 million looks like allot of money, within the investment world it is just a drop on a hot plate. Take for example the mixed reality company Magic Leap. After several investments they represent a total value of 4,5 billion dollar. That is just 1 company without a showable product. Facebook invested a total of 3 billion in the Oculus Rift, a headset with less sales figures than the Gear VR.

Tip: Don’t have a Samsung device, but you want to test the possibilites of VR? You can rent a Gear including advise