The complete guide to virtual reality at events; an summary

Virtual reality is finding it’s way to consumer homes, the work floor; everyday life. The event industry has also taken note but there are still some misconceptions and barriers to overcome like the ease of use and costs . In this guidewe will show that VR is easy, affordable and a great asset to anyone in or around the event industry.

The uses for VR vary widely. It can be used to transport people to another location, show your product or simply to draw attention or entertain. Use it before your event to invite people, at your event to show what they are missing out on and after the event why they should attend next time.

While there are many VR devices to choose from, we advise the Oculus GO for 360 video. For games or simulations use the Oculus Rift if people need to sit, the HTC Vive if they can walk around. When the type of content is not dictated by the client we advise using 360 content. Especially  for larger events or when the budget, space or staff is limited.

Choose from  video categories like nature, space, thrills and storytelling to offer something for each individual.

When games are requested choose the ones which are ‘easy to learn’ hard to master, like beatsaber. G Doing so ensures you have something for the novice as well as the expert. Games with a shooting element work well, are easy to pick up and fun for almost everyone. Most importantly; make sure it has end, keeping momentum and make sure everybody gets to enjoy the experience.

Due to the technical nature of VR, preparation is key. Test your content, hardware and brief your staff. Moreover, use specialized software like VR Sync to make preparation and execution easier.  Above all; make sure the crowd enjoys the experience and has a great memory of using VR.