You have desktop gamers and console gamers. Many desktop gamers have watched down on console gamers for years. By bad conversions and developers which have to create a game for 2 different target groups, there was regular hate and envy between the gamers using a mouse for the pc and gamers using a controller for the television. A comparing phenomenon servicenow in Virtual Reality. The lovers of “real’ VR like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive watch down on the mobile VR devices like Gear VR and the Google Cardboard. Some critics claim that even the VR experience of a mobile solution the technologie been put in a bad daylight. When we look at the sales figures, it is clear that there is one winner; Gear VR.

The Gear VR is leading

The modest Gear VR of Samsung is more often been over the counter, than all other VR headsets combined. Google Cardboard holders hasn’t been count in. We watch at the Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Playstation VR and the Google Daydream. Cardboard isn’t a specific VR system, but a function for android (and in less options for apple).

In 2016 there has been sold a total of 6,3 million headset whereof 4,51 million of Samsung Gear VR copies. For the sake of clarity, for the other devices it concerns estimates. Samsung is the only provider who announced their sales figure. It is notable that the Oculus Rift, the VR headset that put this new fase of VR to the start, with 240.000 pieces at the bottom of the top 5 stands. Even the Daydream which in the last kwart of 2016 has been introduced; 20.000 more pieces have shipped.

Playstation VR is scoring very good as well

Although the PS VR his 750.000 copies far below the 4.51 million headsets of Gear, Sony can not complain with the success of the PSVR. Especially when you realise you’ll need a ps4 to make use of the headset. The price for a PSVR starts with €399,- while you can pay a Gear VR for €99,-.

Worthy product or giveaway?

The Gear VR has been used several times to stimulate the sale of the luxury Samsung smartphones. It isn’t clear if the promotion copies are counted in the total sales figure. The Gear VR is a luxury holder for another Samsung product, a accessoire. This can also be said about the other headsets, it is increasingly peripheral devices. It isn’t camparable with the Hololens, where a full windows 10 desktop is hidden in. Although you will pay like 3000 dollars.

Limitations of the smartphone

The Gear VR, Google Cardboard and the Google Daydream are headsets which only works with the smartphone hardware. Although some devices can run several tasks very good, they aren’t perfect for VR applications. These are the major constraints:
The process power of a smartphones is much lower than a desktop. In this way the images can’t be as realistic shown like a desktop headset.
Smartphone VR doesn’t have positional tracking. You can watch in 360 degrees but you can’t move. This is the primary reasons why this isn’t ‘real’ VR.
You will always need a smartphone. You can not use the regular smartphone functies while being in VR . A Gear VR including a smartphone exclusive use for VR, makes the complete set very expensive.

The primary reason of the big success of the Samsung Gear VR will be the sharp prices and the popularity of the device. Samsung needed this success after the exploding batteries of the phones.

The offer of the Gear VR

In opposition to the google cardboard, does the Samsung Gear has is ow App store based on the android operating system. Samsung cooperated with Oculus to create this platform. Some titles we see for the Gear VR we already know from the Oculus rift. These are some interesting titles for the Gear VR:


The first big hit for the Gear VR was Gunjack. This action game is based on the universe of EVE; Online but with more action and less strategie. The Graphics are very impressive for a mobile game.


Although every VR, AR and MR system wanted to launch this game, it was the Gear VR who got the scoop. The mobile minecraft version was changed for the use in virtual reality with good results.

Drop Dead

It is notable that there are allot of zombie shooters for the Gear VR, Drop Dead is by far the best in their genre. Excellent design, nice cartoon graphics and a professional finish makes Drop Dead an excellent example for mobile VR gaming.

End Space

Although this game looks allot like Gunjack, it is a different game. In End space you can fly around for free, this is not possible for Gunjack. End space does have notable good graphics and sound.

Dragon Front

This turned based strategy card game is available for both Gear VR as the Oculus rift. You can play this game alone or online against friends. Although the graphics of the Gear VR are a little less impressive the game play keeps in tact.

These are some examples of the Gear VR games that are worthy to play. Besides games and video apps you will see some experiments lik ‘Face Your Fears’in which you will be confronted with your biggest fears.

Rent or buy Gear VR

The Gear VR is a accessory for several Samsung devices. When you feature a suitable devices it is worthy to buy a Gear VR. Just with the free apps you can play for hours. You can also rent a Gear VR include a Samsung smartphone. You can test the Gear VR so you know if it is something for you. The gear VR is also suitable for events and party’s.