Why tell potential customers or business partners your pitch over and over again? Have you heard about this modern invention called “video”? You can show these moving images (with sound and in color!) to anyone, everywhere and at all times. All joking aside, although most businesses understand the added value of audiovisual communication, the possibilities of 360 video are still unknown to many. And that’s unfortunate, because if people watch VR together you can not only bring your message across, you can also form a bond between people. In this article we will explain how you can simultaneously watch 360 video, and use a 360 video player for groups to get your message across.

Why watch 360 video together?

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way; why would you want to watch VR together? We have just become used to the concept of mobile VR headsets and Cardboard VR smartphone holders for individual use. What is the added value when people simultaneously watch 360 video?  We can answer this question with some practical applications that are used every day around the world:


  • Use synchronized VR at an event to show the audience an immersive 360 degree video.
  • Tell your story using 360 video playback and create empathy and understanding about the topic at hand.
  • Watch VR together without lag, buffering or stuttering with a 360 video player for groups with offline capability.
  • Inform stakeholders about projects using panoramic video for an experience they will remember.
  • Use synchronized VR to engage an audience and elicit crowd participation for maximum effect.
  • Save time and watch VR together instead of providing each person with an individual experience.


If you have your own challenges or questions contact a specialist in 360 video playback for events.

How to sync 360 videos on a mobile VR headset

With these easy to follow tips anyone can organize an event and watch VR together:

For 360’s video’s Oculus Go is…the way to go

Mobile VR is limited to tethered VR devices from a technical viewpoint, however mobile VR headsets are ideal for 360 video playback and synchronized VR. A Google Cardboard is good, the Gear VR is better and in many cases for 360 video’s Oculus Go will be the most convenient solution.

360 video player for groups

Apart from renting multiple VR devices (this is often cheaper compared to purchasing VR headsets) you will need a 360 video player for groups. This is specialized software which is both technologically advanced and easy to use. You can watch VR video together with as many participants as required.

Hassle free Synchronized VR

There are quite a few considerations and choices to make when you organize a VR event, ask experienced suppliers about the hardware, the software and certainly also about support by expert staff members for a smooth experience. 360 Video playback can really drive your point home, as long as you plan ahead.

Step into a new way of informing your audience using advanced 360 video playback in a synchronized VR experience using mobile VR.