Using virtual reality or 360 video’s is a great way to add depth to your internal presentation. There is no way to look away when you’re fully immersed in a 360 environment.

Providing a smooth experience with many participants can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to control playback and make sure everyone is seeing the same content at the same time. Also making sure each individual users has a good experience is a issue which many face.

Specifically for giving a vr presentation we’ve developed a tool called VR Sync. In this article we’ll talk about how you can use VR Sync during the preparation and execution of an internal presentation.

Why to use virtual reality for presentations?

Virtual reality is visual tool which helps you get your message across. When pitching a creative idea, a new product or visual concept virtual reality can be extremely helpful. It’s a great way to keep the audience involved, engaged  mnbnm and make sure everyone stays on point.

However most VR devices are not meant for group presentations.They lack the option to play content in Sync at the same time. That’s where VR Sync can help. It offers a easy way to manage your content and control playback during group presentations.

How to prepare your VR presentation with VR Sync

The first step is installing the VR Sync app on your device(s). Once the VR Sync application has been installed and you’ve entered your unique pin your devices are ready.Secondly you need upload the content through our content manager. Once uploaded the content will automatically be pushed to all prepared devices. Preparing a internal presentation with VR Sync is pretty straightforward and saves a lot of time and headache.


How to execute your VR presentation with VR Sync

After the content is pushed to your devices you can use the web based remote to control playback. Make sure you have an internet connected device ready before you start your presentation. Once ready provide all attendees with a VR device and use the remote to start playback of your VR content. You can even create a playlist beforehand to make things even easier.

VR Sync is designed for easy playback and puts you in full control during the presentation. Guaranteeing that your content will be remembered and not the issue with the hardware.

VR Sync; full control for internal presentations.

While VR is indeed a great tool for VR presentations users may face some difficulties in terms of control, playback and user experience. VR Sync offers the solution with easy content management, flawless playback and full control during your important presentation.

Get in touch for a free trial or if you would like to know more.

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