VR Sync offers the easiest way to experience 360° video with an unlimited number of participants. This makes VR Sync ideal for marketing activations if the specific goals are considered beforehand.

On this page you will find out more about marketing activation using virtual reality presentations, and we will explain how VR Sync can enhance engagement and sales.

Define your goals

If clear goals are not defined beforehand, it’s impossible to decide whether a marketing activation campaign has been successful. There are two primary methods of activating your audience:

  1. In terms of brand engagement the primary goal is establishing a connection between the customer and the brand, product, service or cause. Take for instance a product launch event with an audience of journalists, influencers and other selected guests. You will strive to provide the audience with an experience they will not soon forget.
  2. In direct response activation the primary goal is to boost transactions such as sales, or to activate the audience in another way. In this case it could be a sales presentation during an event, after the VR presentation the guests can directly purchase a product or service.

Of course there are many other goals to consider, in collaboration with the content creation team and the technical team that will handle the hardware and software, a fully developed strategy can be designed. This will not only increase the potential number of marketing activations, it will also make evaluation of the campaign easier to accomplish.

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Why use VR Sync for marketing activation?

In order to activate a person they need to be inspired in some way. Both tangible concepts like products, or more ethereal concepts such as raising awareness for a cause require a captivating way of presenting the message. These are two benefits of using VR Sync during the activation stage:

A captive audience creates more customers

You can show the same video on a television screen, a large cinema screen or through the lenses of a virtual reality headset. Not only does a VR headset guarantee optimal viewing conditions, it also eliminates surrounding distractions.

The viewer virtually steps into a different world, in the exact location you want them to be. This will enhance conversion during a sales presentation, or it will inspire further discussion after viewing the 360° video.

Share the experience

VR Sync is not merely a 360° video player, it provides an immersive theatre experience for an unlimited number of concurrent viewers. Picture hundreds of participants experiencing the same immersive presentation.

This shared experience creates a tangible buzz in the audience that an individual presentation can’t provide. Because VR headsets are used the even location does not have to be equipped for large screens or projectors, this allows the interior designer more freedom in furnishing the location.

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Shared marketing activation with a personal touch

The two advantages of VR Sync for marketing activations mentioned above seem to be in opposition of each other, individual vs shared. And that’s the power of virtual reality with synchronized 360 video: The individual viewer can look around freely for an interactive experience, while hearing and feeling the crowd responding to the same presentation. That creates an emotional response that will last far longer than the actual video.

Talk to our expert how to use VR Sync for marketing