Companies are constantly striving for optimization in all areas of their organization. Administration, production, logistics, communication and training. A company that keeps optimizing and innovating will grow larger and become stronger. Organizations that fail to take the next step will eventually collapse. This applies to all industries and sectors. Even though automation has replaced many tasks, the human workforce remains the cornerstone of every successful company.

Collaborating as a team with skilled employees is still the way forward. Virtual reality is a medium that enhances the way we experience and learn, VR Sync is a tool that allows companies and other organisations to train their employees in a more effective manner. On this page we will explore how VR Sync can be used to train your employees.

The six main benefits of virtual reality training

There are plenty of benefits of using VR in a professional environment, let’s start with the six main benefits that apply to most organisations:

  1. Experiential learning: Learning from doing or observing has proven to be very effective.This applies to both real life experiences as for virtual experiences.
  2. Higher engagement: A VR headset places the user in a closed-off environment without any audible or visible distractions.
  3. Higher retention: It has been shown in research that similar information presented in virtual reality provided a higher retention rate compared to regular training methods like a text book.
  4. Increased safety: This applies to safety during training and increased safety in the workplace, because trainees can practice in a safe environment which decreases risks.
  5. Reduced time investment: Setting up a real-life simulation can be time consuming, VR allows the instructor to reset and replay the simulation for multiple users (concurrently if required).
  6. Reduced costs: VR training is a cost effective way of training because learning materials can be reused, training can take place in any location and be deployed for both individuals as in large groups.

VR Sync has the added benefit of simultaneous group training, more on that below.

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How does VR Sync work?

VR Sync is a software service that allows the playback of 360 degree audiovisual content simultaneously on an unlimited number of virtual reality devices. Images and/or video are preloaded onto multiple VR headsets, the content is controlled through an app on a host device. The synchronization can take place within a local network, or through the proprietary VR Sync Box if a wireless connection is not available.

In short; VR Sync connects multiple local devices which allows for a simultaneous experience for an unlimited number of participants (limited by physical space and devices). It’s like a virtual cinema with unlimited seats and immersive 360 imagery.

Key features of VR Sync

Before we delve into the content, let’s explore a couple of key features that will allow the organization to setup a virtual training environment:

  • Multiple brands and models of VR headsets are supported, from affordable smartphone solutions to advanced VR headsets.
  • Content is preloaded (pushed) onto the devices which prevents buffering and syncing issues.
  • The host controller can preview the content shown in the VR headsets.
  • The host can control playback, fast forward, replay or create playlists.
  • The host can push messages to specific headsets with instructions or other information.\

VR hardware can be purchased or rented based on preference and usage. For instance; a monthly training for 100 employees might not justify the purchase prices of 100 VR headsets that will cost several hundreds of euro’s for each device. Ask your supplier for a specific calculation.

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Train your employees in 360 degrees

The goal of an organisation is to train employees using 360 degree immersive images and/or video. This content will have to be produced beforehand. Existing content made internally or licensed from another source is a possibility, for training purposes custom created content is usually the most effective solution. A 360 production company will write the concept and script according to the requirements of the organisation and will produce the content.

Make use of the visual medium

Employee training often consists of text and spoken words. Images and video are supplemental but often not essential. In the planning and production phase the client should adopt a visual way of thinking in order to create a compelling presentation that will resonate. The 360 production company can provide the client with advice in this regard, but the translation from theory into practice has to be a collaborative process. Keep in mind visual content provides a higher retention rate, make sure each image counts.

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After content creation the training can take place. Make a planning, determine the amount of participants, choose a practical location and arrange for all the required hardware and software to be present at the chosen date and time. This also includes (rotating) chairs, supporting staff to provide instructions or assistance, and perhaps supplementary materials for studying before and after the 360 training to maximize the impact of the presentation.

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