How VR Sync is used for marketing campaigns

VR Sync offers a complete solution that allows an event organizer to present virtual reality content to a group of participants simultaneously. Instead of the usual individual experience, the content is delivered to multiple VR headsets at the same time.

This creates a shared viewing experience while allowing the individual participant to look around freely. It combines the immersion of virtual reality with a group experience. How does this translate into marketing? Let’s take a closer look at the use of VR Sync for marketing campaigns.

Eyes on the viewer

Telecommunications provider Tele2 wanted to showcase the possibilities of live streaming using a fast internet connection. A select group of journalists and other attendees were invited to watch a livestream using VR headsets.

VR Sync was used to push the livestream to all headsets concurrently. After the presentation the audience members were prompted to remove the headset, designer Jan Taminiau was facing the attendees in real life along with two professional models.

This presentation merged live streaming video with a real life presentation. To emphasize the connection between the VR user and the surrounding audience, Taminiau designed a special VR headset with a 7” screen placed on the outside of the device.

On this screen a close-up of moving eyes was displayed so it seemed the VR user was looking outward. This unique design and the livestream presentation was reported by multiple leading journalists allowing the marketing campaign to reach far beyond the event location.

Marketing beyond the product launch

It’s customary to invite journalists, influencers and stakeholders to a product launch. But the options for a product presentation can be limited. In the above example the guests were placed in a virtual situation with a physical connection to real life. This approach inspired journalists to share the experience, and emphasize the unique features of both the presentation and the product, thereby reaching a wider audience.

Event of the Year

The origin of the VR Sync software as it is used currently dates back to June 2016. KPN wanted to show 360 videos to a group of 250 guests concurrently. Filling a room with people and projecting video on a large screen is not new, adding the element of immersive video would be groundbreaking.

VR Owl, developers of the VR Sync application, accepted the challenge and scaled up their existing software to a much larger number of users. Starting a 360 video on one VR headset is easy, controlling the video from a distance is more difficult, but syncing the same video content to 250 attendees was nearly impossible at that time.

After intensive research and testing a functional iteration of the product was launched at the KPN Digital Dutch event. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees shared their enthusiasm using social media, and named Digital Dutch the “Event of the Year”.

Not only did this presentation prove the capabilities of the VR Sync solution, it also positioned KPN as a leading and innovative telecommunications company. The event turned into a marketing tool that reached far beyond the event location.

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Showing and sharing

Word of mouth is gold in marketing campaigns. You can organize an event for a select group of participants, if they communicate your message further a viral effect can take place.

Numerous VR Sync presentations have proven this strategy, after the main presentation for attendees the viewers immediately want to share their experience with friends and their social network. The method of delivery plays an important role in achieving this.

Watching a video on screen in a group keeps the viewers at a distance, both literally and figuratively. Watching a 360 video that completely surrounds you while sharing the experience creates a unique experience. Just like the participants share the presentation, they will want to share this experience with others. And that’s how viral marketing campaigns are ignited.

Controlled interactivity

An important factor in successful marketing is a captive audience. You must grab the attention of the customer, both consumer and corporate, and present your message.

As an organizer you want to control the experience, the audience and even the response. Virtual reality events allow the participant some level of interactivity that engages the viewer, at the same time using a VR headset limits the movement of the viewer.

This creates a controlled environment with an interactive element. The potential customer or influencer becomes part of the experience, instead of an outside observer. This is why dozens of companies worldwide have turned to the VR Sync team to develop a virtual reality crowd based experience.

Every marketing campaign is unique

In order to showcase or launch a brand, product or service, a tailor-made presentation should be developed. By thinking outside the box you will reach a wider audience. VR Sync is perhaps the most literal interpretation of thinking “outside the box”, as the images displayed inside the virtual reality ‘box’ are taken outside this closed environment, and shared with attendees and their social circle for a maximum impact.

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