Today we have launched our Look&Play software. With Look&Play you let your users control their own 360° video playback. The only thing they have to do is look at an icon in the application to start a 360° video.

Made for smaller crowds

If you have a smaller event where it does not matter if the 360° videos play in sync, Look&Play is an option you might want to consider. Look&Play functions as a kiosk mode for 360 video and vr headsets where you don’t have to control the headsets from an external device.

How does Look&Play work?

The users are control with Look&Play where they can watch multiple 360° videos by simply looking at an icon. Once the video finishes the users are automatically returned to a virtual waiting room, where they can restart the process.


  • Monoscopic & stereoscopic video
  • Branded environment
  • No controller needed
  • Gaze interaction with multiple videos
  • Spatial & stereo audio supported

Look&Play is compatible for the Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and several Android devices. Need more information? Check out the Look&Play website.