Type use case


Amount of people


Project date

September 2019


Cinematic VR Event

FIVARS (Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories) is a 3 day cinematic VR/AR festival held in Toronto, Canada. To showcase over 20 cinematic 360 video’s VR Sync was used for asynchronous playback.

3 days, 20 pieces and 200 attendees.

The challenge

The event showed 20 360 video’s during 3 days to 200 attendees, based on asynchronous playback. Meaning that the same content was never shown at the same time, to the same viewer. As an added challenge there were merely 3 people available, who had a very limited training period to assist the 20 Gear VR stations

Photo credit; Jaime Espinoza

The execution

The content was not presented in one uniform format, ranging from monoscopic 360, side-by-side, up-down and various video resolutions. In most cases the VR Sync software was able to display high quality 4K content right away, in some cases our team had to assist, and was happy to do so. Advising on recommended specifications but also making new exports of the video’s to make sure it played without issue.

The results

The end result was a unique setup, spanning a time period of 3 days and 8 hours each day without major issues. The participants were able to view various VR videos at any moment and in any format proving the flexibility of the VR Sync platform.

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