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June 2016

KPN Digital Dutch

VR Sync world premiere

During the yearly Digital Dutch event for KPN the central theme is digitization. Thousands of decision makers from the corporate sector meet to discuss and experience the meaning of digitization in The Netherlands. During the event multiple VR experiences were to be shown to all attendees highlighting Dutch innovation.

“Show content to groups of 250 people at the same time”

The challenge

KPN came to us with the request to show two 360 videos to multiple groups of 250 guests at the same time. Quite the challenge, to say the least. This had never been done at this scale. The technology to simultaneously show VR content to multiple people had to be developped, it needed to be tested and doubled checked to ensure success. 

The execution

The team already had some experience with simultaneously playback but never on this scale and to so many devices.  We started developing different components like the pre loader to easily transfer the content to the devices. The main component was the trigger to start playback on each device, which we called the remote.

Once this was done and we could trigger content remotely on multiple devices it was time to scale up. Using a local network, which later would evolve in the VR Sync box, and multiple access points more and more devices were added.  By the time the event came around we were confident but nervous nonetheless.

The results

The responses by both the attendees and KPN were overwhelmingly positive. Participants went berserk on social media and called Digital Dutch the event of the year, and it was only June. Since the KPN event, VR Sync has been  used by dozens of event organizers and brands including Bose, Deloitte and Google to present in virtual reality and show 360 videos to big audiences.

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