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April 2018

Landal Greenparks Presentation for 350 people

In order to kick off a large internal event Landal GreenParks wanted to show their employees why they should be proud to be a part of this company. The goal was to show all 350 guests a 360-degree film about the location in Hoog Vaals, which was also the venue of the event.

 Hundreds of devices all need to stay in Sync ”

The challenge

Large scale events always pose a challenge due to the sheer size and number of attendees.  A large team need to help prepare the devices, hardware and provide support during the event. The hundreds of devices all need to stay in Sync so everyone can join the experience. When in such a large venue you can’t depend on an internet connection for playback.  It’s also difficult to provide assistance during individual users when the show is in full swing.

The execution

Preparation was key for this event. Making sure all devices had the right content went smoothly thanks to our content manager. At the event a VR Sync box with multiple access points was installed ensuring coverage throughout the immense room.  

Using the Sync box meant that no internet connection was needed and there was little to no latency during playback.  Using our software ment no streaming was involved. Resulting in stable playback and less battery drainage.

During the dress rehearsal everything went smoothly which gave good hope for the event itself. As expected, everything went well and all participants were amazed by the combined experience

The results

While Landal was a bit more nervous than our team they were comforted by the professionality of our team. Virtually all the nerves were gone after he dress rehearsal went flawlessly.  VR Sync played a major role in preparing the event as well as the execution. It was an immense time saver and helped Landal execute one of the most memorable internal events in recent history.

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