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February 2020

Maverick VR

Maverick VR was presented with a top-secret project. A new product would be launched at a pharmaceutical company’s annual convention. Via a 360 video, select attendees would see what life was like as a patient– one who was living with an emotional and chronic disease.

'The video would need to be shown to over 200 attendees in 360' with Oculus Go headsets.'

The challenge

The presentation would be to a large group, played only once for four minutes. The video would need to be shown to over 200 attendees in 360′ with Oculus Go headsets. Simultaneously, the client wanted to provide other attendees the opportunity to see/hear the video via a large screen two-dimensional projection. Essentially, two versions of the video would require asynchronous playback. It was critical that everything would be in sync and work perfectly.

Tackling the second Issue of playback: VR Sync created a unique localized network to ensure the videos, proprietary technology and playback would work hand-in-hand.  As the video would only play ONCE many devices were tested and retested until sound and image quality were excellent and completely synchronized. Additional speakers were added in the back, and a custom play button was created timing out the two formats.

The execution

Two members of the VR Sync team flew from the Netherlands to join Maverick VR in Las Vegas to set up and then facilitate the playing of the custom video. The teams worked until the early hours of the morning to facilitate solutions. First, an issue of formatting had to be resolved by additional programming and configuration as the 360-degree video was created using a TBE file (for Spatial Audio) and the two-dimensional video was created using an incompatible format.  

The results

Once we pressed play, the technology worked flawlessly playing content to all devices at the same time, without lapses or delays. The VR Sync team did an outstanding job of working with Maverick VR and the Client’s audio and visual teams to create a custom solution. Several attendees reported their immersive experience as “amazing.” The client praised the teams for their dedication and commitment to pull off what can only be described as an “incredible” presentation.

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