Type use case

On location VR

Amount of people


Project date

November 2019

Motor Agency

Motor Agency is an Estonian company which designs and produces exhibitions and often incorporates VR for education and entertainment. Most of these VR experiences have interactive components. This enables users to have influence on the course of the experience by, for example, steering the motion platform.

"We have a motion platform that's perfectly in sync with our VR headsets"

The challenge

Motor Company was asked to design a permanent exposition called the Proto Factory. Here you can see prototypes of the world’s first car, locomotive and hot air balloon. Visitors are able to experience these prototypes using simulators, motion platforms and VR headsets. For this to truly work, the simulators and motion platforms need to stay in perfect sync with the headsets.

For a new attraction, a subterranean vehicle simulates a trip to the center of the earth. This attraction uses a motion platform which needs to be synchronized with 15 VR headsets simultaneously. VR Sync offered a fitting solution to sync the simulator with the imagery provided trough the VR headset.

The execution

Motor Agency installed a motion platform for the subterranean vehicle in the Proto Factory. In this vehicle, all 15 headsets needed to be synchronized with the motion platform. For this to work we developed an extension for the VR Sync application allowing it to pass on time codes to the motion platform.

This ensured the motion platform knew when to perform certain movements in the simulation. It also made it possible to sync up the movement with the virtual experience. Enabling the users to ‘steer’ the motion platform using their own movements.

The results

VR Sync turned out to be the perfect solution for the synchronized exhibition. Users can experience how it is to tunnel deep into the earth in an interactive and smooth experience. The whole process from the first inquiry to project delivery was swift and Motor Company were able to get everything up and running in next to no time.

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