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March 2018


A workshop needs to flow. Any delay or malfunctioning of technology can really put a dent in the experience.  We selected over 10 different pieces of 360 content which had to be played over the course of the 3 hours workshop.  The 360 video’s had to be uploaded to devices, played in sync. Most importantly;  there had to be full control over playback.

‘ Great achievement by the whole team, we’re promoting the workshop in the UK & US’Gerard Braat – Salesforce

The challenge

Because the focus of the campaign was mainly on streaming, we chose for a VR livestream during the event. Thirty influencers and journalists were attending and watched the VR livestream using a headset, provided by VR Sync.

The execution

This is a great example how VR Sync can help with a workshop.  Thanks to the uploader we saved a lot of time pushing the 10 video’s to each devices.  Thanks to the playlist manager and centralized playback were confident that the timing was spot on.

The results

Giving additional information during playback resulted in a great connection with the audience.  Thanks to VR Sync we had the opportunity to focus on giving an engaging workshop, without worrying about the technology. This lead to a great immersive workshop and extremely satisfied client.

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