TeachVRVR Sync in the classroom

Virtual reality can be a great tool for education. Providing an immersive experience which really engages students. It can be used from primary school to university but also for corporate training. There is an abundance of interesting contact available. To make VR Sync suited for education we have integrated it into a online platform called TeachVR.

What is TeachVR?

TeachVR is the virtual reality platform for education. Find, create, share and present your own vr lessons with 360 degree content

  • VR lessons made by professionals
  • Create, share and present your own vr lessons
  • Experience vr with the whole class, simultaneously
  • Join the Teach VR community

Why TeachVR

Virtual reality is a unique tool which brings learning to live.TeachVR makes it accessible and affordable for everyone around the world.

  • Enrich education with virtual reality
  • Curriculum content in line with learning goals
  • Complete solution with content, mobile app and vr learning tools

For who is TeachVR?

For schools, by schools. The content is made and shared by education professionals. Lessons are aligned with learning goals and the curriculum. The content is specifically tailored for primary, secondary education and vocational education. The option to create your own lessons makes TeachVR suitable for every (educational) institution

How does TeachVR work?

TeachVR offers everything to get started with virtual reality in the classroom. Within the hour you’ve successfully finished your first vr lesson.

Find 360 degree content by years, course or educational goal

Create a vr lesson with your own 360 pictures or make use of the database containing thousand of picture

Share your vr lessons with your school or the whole TeachVR community

Present your lesson to your whole class, easy and simultaneously

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