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May 2018

United NationsVR Sync on a secure site in record speed

During the international Roma week the central topic of a UN meeting was the situation of the Roma in the West-Balkan area. In order to create empathy and to create a discussion about the topic the UN wanted to show a 360 degree video to the 150 attendees.

The hardware had to work flawlessly. ”

The VR Sync challenge

The United Nations run a tight ship. A lot of security restrictions were put into place and access to the on-site internet was denied because of the unfamiliar hardware.

This gave us only limited time to set-up, test and show the 360 degree content on site.  This also meant that the content had to be pre-installed and tested thoroughly and the hardware had to work flawlessly.

The execution

Using VR Sync we were able to pre-load the content on the devices so that we could immediately start playback when arriving. Because the 360 videos are not streamed but played directly from the device a lot less battery power is required. This allowed us to go in hot, with the devices (Samsung Gear VR + Galaxy S6 and headphones) already powered on and ready to roll.

During preparation we set up that VR devices to automatically connect with the VR Sync box. This meant that while on site no internet was required to run the show.  Once inside we used a large team and a well thought out plan. We managed to set-up within a record breaking 15 minutes. Since the VR headsets were already turned on we could immediately start playback  once the Sync Box was plugged in.

The results

Our team ran like a well oiled machine where VR Sync acted as the engine. While great planning and communication were important we could not have pulled it off without VR Sync. The pre loading of the content and the plug and play approach of the VR Sync box worked like a charm. All 150 attendees were impressed by the content as well as the flawless execution of the event.

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