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May 2019

VR Aggression Training

Having to deal with difficult customers is unfortunately something most people have had some experience with. Sometimes these encounters can escalate and customers get so angry it leads to aggressive behaviour which might make you feel unsafe. How do you personally act in such a stressful situation? How do you remain calm and how can you effectively stop this aggressive behaviour? ‘VR-Agressietraining’ is a company that gives VR training specifically focused on “dealing with emotional and aggressive behaviour in the work environment”. Through these VR trainings they help people better deal with certain situations or even prevent them from happening.

"VR to help deal with emotional and aggressive behaviour in the work environment"

The challenge

The company was looking for a reliable syncing software that they could use for the VR trainings they give. The trainings are given by teachers, not VR experts, therefore it was really important that the software was easy to use and reliable.

The execution

The VR training is for a class of 12 people. The VR training uses Oculus Go’s to display different scenarios depending on the target group. With our VR Sync software the teachers of the training are able to preload their content before the training. They use the VR Sync box during their training which allows them to start the VR training offline. This means they can easily start a specific training whenever and wherever they want. The different scenarios are simultaneously watched by the 12 people in class. In this way VR is an addition to their training in which interaction and reflection are the main focus points.

The results

According to Cas, the co-founder of VR-Agressietraining, the critics so far are very positive. Besides the VR trainings being educative, they are also experienced as fun and people feel safe during the trainings, two other important factors of the VR trainings. According to Cas, VR Sync is reliable and works really well for the VR training. People leave the VR trainings with more confidence and skills to better deal with aggressive situations.

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