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Amount of people


Project date

December 2017


VR fashion presentation in Italy

Woolrich is fashion brand which wanted to present their 2019 winter collection during an internal presentation. Employees were invited to Italy where they could experience a 360 showcase of the latest winter apparel. We shot the content high up in the mountains and were asked to organize the presentation.

“No room for error during this tightly orchestrated event”

The challenge

A high stakes event were all internal stakeholders should experience the content at once. More than 140 people were in attendance and there was no room for error during this tightly orchestrated event.  

The execution

In cooperation with media agency CLX we organized this event where more than 140 Gear VR had to be synced. Since the presentation took place at remote location we could not rely on the WiFi present.

Our VR Sync Box helped by providing a local network solution. The content was pre loaded and tested on each of the devices. After several stress test and a perfect dress rehearsal no issues were to be expected.  

The results

During the event the crowd was served a video of approximately 5 minutes. Connecting the devices and remote to the Sync box offered an easy and issue free experience.  

The event was a flawless demonstration of the added value of VR Sync in combination with the VR Sync box. The crowd, Woolrich as well as the CLX agency was extremely pleased with the result.

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