Virtual reality events are not unique, how can you make an impact with immersive VR at your event? On this page we will show you five examples that will inspire you to create a truly memorable experience that will reach beyond the virtual environment. If you are interested in learning about how to use VR at events you can checkout our complete guide on how to use VR at events.

1. Samsung S7 launch event

The Samsung S7 and S7 Edge were definitely high quality smartphones during their launch in 2016, but all the leaked information led to a launch event lacking surprises.

This changed when the entire audience was asked to wear an S7 unit equipped with the brand new Gear VR case. At the moment the video presentation finished the members of the press were asked to remove their headsets, and the first thing they saw was Mark Zuckerberg standing on stage. The president of Facebook at a Samsung event explaining their collaboration was an absolute shock for the audience, this surprise visit went viral and quickly dominated the news cycle.

VR events work best when virtual reality is combined with an actual, real life experience. The Gear VR synchronizationmakes it a great tool for large events.

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2. Travel Bricks red button

Tour operator Travel Bricks offers 2000+ holiday destinations all over the world. “What are you going to do?” was the central question this company asked visitors at a holiday event.

For some inspiration an Oculus Rift setup was deployed with the addition of an alluring red button. By pressing this button a virtual roulette wheel would decide the holiday destination. A cool dive in the ocean for example, or a luxurious dinner on top of a skyscraper. Again, the element of surprise was used to present the user with a special presentation.

The intent was not to sell a particular holiday package, but to show the numerous options for travelers to visit. The red button strategy is a guaranteed success, no one can resist pushing a button to see what happens!

3. Innes & Gunn drinking on location

Beer and neuroscience are not two terms that are often used together. But for the “Immersion & Gunn” experience the Scottish beer company hired a neuroscientist to develop several audiovisual experiences to enhance the flavor of their beers during events and in bars.

The patron will watch immersive video clips of the Scottish landscape while drinking two types of lager. The virtual reality presentation tickles all senses for an optimal beer drinking experience. The customers received a VR headset and a beer mat with instructions how to use the hardware.

Perception can be altered with audiovisual stimulation, Innes & Gunn used it to enhance the flavor of their products. You can read more about how virtual reality can be used to enhance marketing campaigns.

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4. Loxam Excavator controller

A company that rents out professional vehicles for the building industry could place an excavator at an event, but operating heavy machinery during a crowded event is not exactly safe.

VR Owl created a simulation game using a VR headset and an actual excavator. Instead of working with raw building materials, the participants could haul digital cargo.

Using an actual excavator as a controller proved to be very enticing for the professionals at the event, the scoreboard provided a competitive element and was used to gather contact information.

5. Batman VR at Comic-Con

AR and VR is no longer especially noteworthy during the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego. However, Warner Brothers decided to go the extra mile using a Batman-themed free fall simulator. An actual wind machine was used to suspend participants in the air, during which an exciting film was played through a headset. The user appears to fall down, dressed like the ‘real’ Batman while floating above the very real fan blades just below them.

The simulations may have only lasted a minute but that minute will not soon be forgotten. The short running time allowed for numerous people to enjoy this spectacular ride experience.

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