While Apple will set their focus on augmented reality, Samsung will stay on their path of virtual reality with their new Samsung Galaxy 8, 8+ and accessoires. After the google cardboard, the Samsung Gear VR is the most popular platform on the market, with the new line up they want to build further on their success.

Will this do the trick with their 2 new smartphones, the renewed 360 degrees camera, Gear VR and new VR controllers to play VR games? Let’s have a look what Samsung will offer this year.

Galaxy S8 en S8+
Just like the version 7, they announced 2 new models. The S8+ has a bigger screen, there is no restriction in a curved edge. The thin edges make the device extremely suitable for augmented reality apply, the real picture and screen run hurry blend seamlessly. The fingerprint is replaced for a iris scanner, so they won’t need a fisic button on the front side of the device.

The processor is faster than the previous edition, that’s good because the virtual assistant Bixby need that power hardly. The creators of Apple Iphone’s Siri made a new version for Samsung with more possibilities like recognizing objects. Do you see someone with a nice pair of shoes? Bixby will search directly a show where you can order a pair. The housing is resistant against water and dust, which is very useful if you’re filming with the new Gear 360 camera. Wearable charging is possible with the optional charger.

Samsung Gear 360 Camera
The first Gear 360 camera belonged directly to the best panorama camera’s in the consumer price range. The newest version has received a smaller boll and 2 lenses, a handle to film with a loose wrist. The rubber ring on the underside offers stability when filming from a fixed position. The handle also has a connection for a standard tripod.

You can film 4K resolution, although the the capability of the accu is smaller you can film for a longer time. With the card locker you can use a microSD card up to 256 GB. A big difference between the previous version is the possibility to use other types of smartphone than the Samsung devices, You can even install the apps on a Apple device.

Incidentally all devices have the same functionality. For example the Iphone app cant live stream. The live stream functions is though also new for the Gear 360, although there will be a considerable delay between the live action and the live stream picture. It is a intressting new feature, for example during the registration of a live concert and event.

Sportive photography and filming is still possible, thanks to the IP53 protecting against dirt and splashing water. The camera is bacause of that not fully water proof like the S8 smartphone. Despite all the improvements the Gear 360 will be cheaper than the previous edition, this makes the second edition a absolute top camera for the consumer class. The new Kodak ORBIT360 4K is the only competitor at the moment, although this camera doesn’t support the live function of the Gear 360.

Samsung Gear VR
The design of the new Gear VR, does look allot like the version of last year. Yet does this new model veel lighter than his last version. You can still use the Galaxy s6 and S7 devices and the Note 5. The biggest renewal is the controller which you can control with one hand. After the introduction of the Google Daydream View with comparable controller, could Samsung not stay behind.

You can expect finesse of the Oculus touch, yet does this controller has motion sensors on board for a special interactive experience. There will be 20 titles available after the introduction that will make use of the controller, with 50 more title that will show up in the coming months.

Besides the controller also the software has been upgraded. The experience on all Oculus devices including the Rift is checked, among with personal avatars you can see on every system. The social aspect is extended , also the browser on which you can watch 360 videos on youtube is simpler. You can also browse normally on the internet, whereby the Gear VR will become a full virtual screen. With up to 600 apps in the Gear VR store it is good to see that you can search the apps much intuitive with the new division.

The way of how the pictures has shown up is by the help of some software tricks improved. A disadvantage of the “bloated pixels” is the so called “screen door” effect either a grid pattern which is visible when you carry the Gear VR. They now know better to suppress this, there are software-based performance reflected everywhere. Now the Oculus Home will start up much faster comparing with the old software.

The future of VR is mobile
During the introduction of the Gear VR it seems to be a bad thought besides the seriuous headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE. After selling 5 millions devices the consumer decided to choose for the convenience of this luxury smartphone holder. Although the Gear VR doesn’t have the absolute positioning like other Virtual reality headsets, the price is reasnoable. There is allot of software to download whereby you doesn’t need a expensive PC or kables.

The new line Samsung devices en assecoires show clearly that Samsung lay their focus on the smartphone devices for VR and AR use, especially the new Gear 360 camera and the controller for the Gear 360 makes the set compleet. It is good to see that Samsung keep supporting the previous S devices and tat they opent the door for other brands an modells with the Gear 360 Camera.

Doesn’t know if you need to switch from Iphone to Samsung for a VR experience? Youcan also rent a Gear VR, so you can test if it is something for you.