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Supported platforms

Which platforms are supported?

VR Sync supports the following VR platforms:
- Android Phone (Cardboard)*
- Oculus GO*
- Samsung Gear VR*
- Google Daydream*
- Oculus Rift
- HTC Vive
- Vive Focus
* Available in store

Which VR headset would be recommended?

Oculus Go and Gear VR will give you the better VR experience, but the Google Cardboard or any generic headset can be used.

What are the minimum requirements of my Android smartphone?

A general rule of thumb is that your smartphone needs to have a gyroscope and enough computing power to play a vr video. You can check if your phone has a gyroscope on: Furthermore, you can check if your phone can play a vr video by going to youtube 360.

What is the maximum device supported?

VR Sync offers an “unlimited number” of simultaneous viewers. The amount of devices you can connect depends on your license.

Does VR Sync support Oculus Go?

Yes, it does.

Does VR Sync support the Gear VR?

Yes, it does.


Does VR Sync support 4K resolution?

Yes, VR Sync supports monoscopic and stereoscopic video up to 4K.

What type of content is supported?

VR Sync supports:
- Monoscopic 360 video
- Stereoscopic 360 video
- Spatial Audio
- 360 Photo

Video specifications:
Codec: H265 or H264
Resolution: 3840x1920
FPS: 30
Max bitrate: 16 mb/s
Audio: Stereo aac audio or .tbe (two big ears)

Photo specifications:
Codec JPG, PNG
Resolution: 3840x1920

How many pieces of content can i upload?

You can upload 12 pieces of content via the content manager.

What are the recommended specification for 360 video?

Video specifications:
Codec: H265 or H264
Resolution: 3840x1920
FPS: 30
Max bitrate: 16 mb/s
Audio: Stereo aac audio or .tbe (two big ears)

What are the recommended specification for 360 photo?

Photo specifications:
Codec JPG, PNG
Resolution: 3840x1920

What are the recommended specification for the background image?

360 image 3840 x 1920 ( png, no jpeg).

What are the recommended specification for the logo?

Logo 512 x 512 1:1 (png, no jpeg.)
We would strongly recommend to use transparency

Is a background image or logo mandatory?

No you can use our standard ‘universe’ background or define a single color.

Do you support subtitles?

Yes, you can upload subtitles files with the .srt extension.

Do you support spatial audio?

Yes, we support Two Big Ear (.tbe) files.
For more information see:

Do you support stereoscopic 360 video?

Yes, we support stereoscopic TB and LR, as well as monoscopic files.

It is possible to show 360 photos?

Yes, it is possible to show 360 photos.

It is possible to insert a link and play it in VR, for example a youtube video?

Not yet, we are working on this feature.

Is it possible to play 2D videos?

You can make an edit of the video that contains a 2D video screen which displays your video. VR Sync originally only broadcasts 360 videos to VR headsets.

Can I watch the video on the computer?

Yes, you can watch the 360 video being played by using the remote.

Does a device automatically keep up with the content?

Yes, VR Sync software has a smart seeking functionality. For example: If a device fails and start later it will resume at the same point as the other devices.

What kind of audio is supported?

We support standard stereo as well as spatial audio in the form of Two Big Ears (.tbe)

Can i view 180 degrees content with VR Sync?

No, this is not a features which is supported by VR Sync. Content needs to be equirangtangular 2:1.

Software features

How many devices can I connect to my VR Sync account?

You can have an unlimited amount of devices linked to your VR Sync account. However, you can only use the amount of devices you have a license for when you’re syncing your 360° content.
As an example, you purchased a license for 20 devices. This means you can use VR Sync to show your 360° content to 20 connected devices at the same time. You can install VR Sync on more than 20 devices, to create backups. However, you can only use 20 devices during an active VR Sync experience.

Is it possible to loop the videos?

Yes, it is possible to loop videos and let them replay.

Is it possible to make a video playlist?

Yes, it is possible to start multiple videos in a row. So when one video is over, it automatically starts the next one.

Is it possible to play different videos on different devices?

Yes, it is possible to play different videos on different devices using our grouping feature.

What type of device do I need to use the remote?

Any device with an internet browser. This can be a mobile, tablet or computer.

Can I monitor which content is being played?

Yes, there is a monitor screen available on the remote page so you can see which content is being played.

Is it possible to play the audio over a speaker?

Yes, it is possible to play the audio over a speaker. Simply connect one of your devices via aux.

Where can I download the VR Sync app?

You can find the links to the application on the VR sync dashboard under downloads. For the platforms Oculus Go and Android you also find it in store (see link).

Note: The VR sync application works only in combination with a license!

Can I use VR Sync to sync Apple phones?

We currently don’t support Apple.

Can I sync 2 different types of headsets (i.e. Rift & GO) at the same time?

Yes, you can add as many different types of devices to the connected devices by entering your pin.

VR Sync box

What is the VR Sync box?

It’s a stand alone local network solution to use VR Sync without an internet connection. It included a Raspberry PI, a router and high-performance access point(s).

Does the VR Synx box need an internet connection?

No, just power. You connect the devices and the remote to the VR Sync box.

What is included in the VR Sync box?

A router and high-performance access point(s). Exact configuration can be found here:

Description Max number of devices connect Price Material
VR Sync box 50 50 €350 Linksys WRT 3200
VR Sync box 100 100 €1.050 Ubiquiti Edge Router Poe + 1x Ruckus R500
VR Sync box 200 200 €1.750 Ubiquiti Edge Router Poe + 2x Ruckus R500
VR Sync box 300 300 €2.450 Ubiquiti Edge Router Poe + 3x Ruckus R500

All prices are excluding vat and shipment.

How to log in to the VR Sync box.

Please make sure the vr sync box is properly connected and powered on. Then log in to the VR Sync wifi-network using the following password: sdfghjkl After connecting to the local sync network, open a browser and go to this address Now, you should be able to controll the devices. You can also open the remote from a smartphone or tablet. Have fun!

Purchasing and licenses

Can I order a license for a certain date?

Yes you can. When purchasing a license you can fill in your requested starting date.

How can i pay for my license?

You can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, Credit card, Bancontact, Sofort, Multibanco, Przel, ewy24, EPS, iDeal & Giropay .

What does unlimited license after 50 devices mean?

When you purchase a license for 50 you devices, you can synchronize unlimited amount of devices at the same time.

For example:
When you would like synchronize 80 devices at the same time, you only have to pay for 50 devices. After 50 devices the amount of connections is unlimited.

I want to resell VR Sync, is this possible?

We offer special discounts for resellers and partners please contact for more information.

Is it possible to get a license of the software for one week?

Yes, this is possible. Costs per week are: € 5-. per device. Total costs would depend on the amount of devices you would like to use.

What is VR Sync’s pricing model?

VR Sync works with flexible pricing. Price depends on the amount of devices and time used. See the table below. More information can be found on the pricing page.

Is it possible to add device while you already took the year license for as example 20 devices?

Yes, you can add devices to your license. This includes week or month licenses.

Is it possible to end the licence earlier and get money back?

No, it is not possible to end the license earlier than planned.

Is it possible to lower the decreased headset in a year licence?

No, it is not possible to end a year licence earlier or move to a lower number of headsets.

Is there a lifetime license?

No, there is no lifetime license. The longest licence is a year license. For special inquiries please contact

How does the purchase process work?

As soon as you place an order, you will receive a message with your login details. With the login details you can access the VR Sync dashboard use the VR Sync software directly.

How do I extend my license?

Go to the website and order a new license. After your order, you get an automatic email so you can work with the software directly. If you have any issues, please contact the support team.

Do you offer non commercial business (personal) licenses?

No, all prices for business as well as personal are the same. Content us for a custom offer.


Is there an user guide?

Yes, we have made a "get started guide" who you can download here.

Is there a support page?

Yes, there is a support page with information. You can click here to go to the page.

How can i contact your support team?

Please send an email to After the introduction of the Gear VR mobile headset in November of 2015, the landscape of VR changed drastically. Although the developers edition of the Oculus Rift was already available, the consumer version was not yet released to the general public. Google Cardboard was the only viable alternative. Now there’s the Oculus Go, a very similar VR headset which offers a very similar experience. For 360 video’s Oculus Go seems unmatched at the moment. What does this VR headset mean for large VR events and how can an audience watch VR together? Let’s dive into the wireless world of 360 video playback and see who is victorious.

The remote is not connecting

If it is possible to download/ fetch your content with your internet connection, but you can not acces the remote, your wifi network might have firewalls or other restrictions, Please test this by accessing the remote from your mobile network (4g)

What kind of internet connection do I need?

For VR Sync to work not a lot of bandwidth is required. We do however need a reliable and relatively low-latency network for a smooth session. We've experience with using VR Sync over 4g and it definitely works. But don't expect all devices to be in harmonious sync since 4g can sometimes introduce latency in the connection. If you do want the session to be in perfect sync we recommend a VR Sync box. Which is basically a server you can attach to your network's router.

Does VR Sync work on Mac?

The VR-Sync application is currently Windows only. So in order to load the app and video's onto a device, you will need a Windows-based pc or laptop. Once the content is on the devices however, you can use the Web Remote (found on the VR Sync Dashboard website) to control the video playback from any device, including Mac and mobile devices, as long as they have an internet browser.

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