The best aspect of Virtual Reality is the possibility to explore new realities, places and time periods that are impossible to visit in person. The drawback of Virtual Reality that is often expressed by detractors of this technology is the strictly individual experience. Although there are social VR services and applications allowing you to share content across the globe, you can’t share these experiences with the person sitting right next to you. But now you can! Owl VR has developed software that allows you to synchronize Gear VR playback. You can simultaneously connect Samsung Gear VR and “feed” them from a central location. This way you can stream VR video to Gear VR on multiple devices and share any experience in 360 video. Now you can really experience VR together.

Samsung Gear VR headset

You probably know Samsung as a manufacturer of home electronics including a wide range of smartphones. The flagship smartphones are the Galaxy models with all the top shelf hardware to make it a premium product. The beautiful screen and the fast processing capabilities offer a wide range of applications. You are basically holding a PC system in your hands. In this day and age we have become quite jaded about this type of technology. Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, what’s the difference? Well, Samsung noticed an upcoming interest in Virtual Reality and entered an agreement with Oculus VR, a leading brand in high quality Virtual Reality solutions. The Oculus Rift is a high-end VR headset that functions as an accessory for a fast PC system. In close collaboration with Samsung, the Oculus Home software was redesigned to work on a mobile handset. Samsung created a special smartphone cradle named Gear VR. When you plug a Galaxy smartphone into the cradle you suddenly have a mobile VR system in your hands, ready to transport you to a different reality.

Play 360 video to Gear VR on multiple devices with VR Sync

VR Owl is a multinational company that specializes in Virtual Reality applications for business use. This company did not only admire the elegant simplicity of the technologically advanced Gear VR solution, they also noticed the lack of a social experience. What if you could play VR video to Gear VR on multiple devices at the same time? For instance during a product presentation on stage, during talks and interviews with a crowd, for educational purposes in the classroom or for VR Cinemas? The concept of simultaneous video is easy to achieve on a television screen or a digital projector, but is this possible for Virtual Reality systems? The answer is yes, Owl VR has developed a solution that is elegant and simple, just like the Gear VR itself. The system allows you to sync Gear VR video to multiple devices. With a few simple steps anyone can setup this system, and use it for a few minutes, a day or during a complete course. You don’t even need a fast internet connection in order to transfer up to 4K video to be numerous VR devices. How did Owl VR achieve this incredible feat?

Gear VR Synchronization

In order to share video across multiple devices you will have to simultaneously connect Gear VR headsets. Owl VR has developed special remote controller software that you can use on a PC. Alternatively you can use the web version, in that case you don’t have to install a specific application. Depending on the circumstances a dedicated piece of software or the web version will be more convenient to set up at a moment’s notice. With Wifi you can connect all the required Gear VR systems in the area. You can the use the computer or mobile device running the software to start the video presentation for all devices simultaneously. If Wifi is not available at the location you can use the special VRSync box.

Synchronized Video Playback on multiple Gear VR’s

We already mentioned there’s no requirement for a fast internet connection, how is it possible to show the video on so many devices? First of all, separate video streams on dozens of devices would overload the internet connection, so a different solution is required. The trick is to push the content to the VR viewer beforehand, to load them onto the device. The remote controller app does not send video, neither do you actually stream 360 video to Gear VR on multiple devices, the app merely sends a synchronized signal to start the same video file present on the connected VR viewers.

Gear VR Synchronized 360 Video

With this technology you are able to sync Gear VR 360 video to multiple devices without the need for an outside internet connection, and the playback plays simultaneously in controlled, high quality video and in perfect sync. Because you can play 360 video to Gear VR on multiple devices, the entire crowd will experience the same impactful presentation, creating a great atmosphere and a true group experience. The VRSync software and optional VRSync box allows you to sync Gear VR playback to multiple devices, in an elegant and simple manner with striking results. Contact the Owl VR team for more information about this groundbreaking technology.

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