Watching VR can be an amazing experience, however it is often an individual one. Watching virtual reality together has the potential to be fun and even informative. With the VR Sync software you can prepare a VR event or VR presentation with ease.

We recommend the Oculus Go as the VR headset for the best experience. It is possible to sync the Oculus Go with our special 360 video player for groups. VR Sync is a unique feature that allows you to turn mobile VR headsets into a virtual reality theatre for a multitude of applications.

In this article the benefits of watching synchronized VR video will be discussed, how the Oculus Go can be used to realise your VR event and that with VR Sync software your VR event will happen smoothly.

Watch 360 video together

Watching a football match live on TV with your friends is a different experience from taping it and watching it later. A cinema experience is different compared to renting the same movie on iTunes. There’s something about the communal experience that makes watching live video more engaging.

To do a VR event or VR presentation multiple or maybe even hundreds of VR headsets are needed. There are different options for VR headsets however, at VR sync we recommend the Oculus Go.

Facebook Oculus Go

There are multiple choices for VR devices to use for your VR event or VR presentation. Which device you choose is completely up to your preferences. The VR devices that we recommend are the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.

The Oculus Go is the second VR headset released by Facebook, For 360-video playback the Oculus Go is the best option. If you want to watch 360 video or play simple games, the cheaper and easy-to-use Oculus Go is the logical choice. Especially for VR events, arcades and other facilities where larger crowds have to experience virtual reality at once.

The big advantage of the Oculus GO, in contrast to the the Gear VR, is that you don’t need a smartphone to watch the VR experience. All the guts of a smartphone have been used in this standalone, wireless VR headset. The Gear VR is more expensive than the Oculus Go, the fact that there isn’t a smartphone included explains the huge difference in price. Additionally, Facebook is estabeling a platform by offering relatively cheap hardware to a large consumer base.

The Oculus Go is a real game changer in the world of VR. It has a professional look, it is easy to use and it offers the best quality for 360 video playback so far. Because there is no external hardware required, this is the perfect headset to use for synchronizing virtual reality at events.

360 player for groups

The Oculus Go is great, but it doesn’t have it’s own tool to simultaneously watch 360 videos. To do synchronized VR it is not as straightforward as one might assume. For high quality 360 video playback for a large audience a broadband connection alone will not suffice. Not only is the internet speed most likely too limited. For synchronized VR any buffering or lag will break the sync between devices.

That’s why we developed our VR Sync software which makes it possible to watch virtual reality together at an event. The content has to be loaded onto the devices beforehand, after that there’s no requirement for an internet connection or streaming. This also ensures that the video will not buffer during the presentation. The only connection needed is one with a very small bandwidth to send the play signal to the devices. If you want to avoid this all together just use our Sync box. This allows you to operate without any internet connection, just power.

With all devices running on the same local network and the use of our VR Sync software, it only requires one push of a button to start the experience simultaneously at every headset.


The benefits of using VR simultaneously are extensive. It can be used for VR events and VR presentations to impress your audience. However, to use VR as a innovative tool to do an event or presentation is not as easy as it seems. You need the right VR device and software to make it possible. The VR headset Oculus Go is more than merely a toy for simple VR gaming; using 360 video and our VR Sync software it transforms into a virtual cinema experience to be reckoned with. More info about our VR Sync solution or a free trial, just head over to our VR Sync website.