With an app like VRSync you can experience 360 video together, for instance in a classroom. Here are 15 SyncVR videos that will brighten up any curriculum!

1. 1941 Battle

This video from Wargaming shows a re-enacted battle from 1941. So you get the crisp image quality of a modern day video with the sense of being in the fields during the Second World War. Nothing is glorified, there’s no Hollywood artistry, just the realism of war.

2. A walk through dementia

This video is mostly a conversation that shows the effects of dementia in a simple yet intriguing way. It feels like a radio play with one 360 image. The simplicity draws you more and more into the harrowing tale of a lady suffering from dementia.

3. BBC Click

This is a ful 360 episode of the British TV series Click. Unlike most items on this list it’s over 20 minutes in duration and features broadcast quality production values. The content is completely optimized for a full panoramic frame. By showing several varied subjects the video never becomes boring. The shots are mostly calm, although there is quite a bit of camera movement making it slightly more ‘advanced’ viewing.

4. Explore The Solar System

This short 360 video is an animation with informative narration. There’s a lot of content packed in just a few minutes of time. The way the virtual camera is positioned invites the viewer to look around and explore the universe. The static framing prevents nausea which makes it a great introduction to VR video. VRSync let’s multiple viewers take part of the experience, this video will inspire each student to further explore the solar system.

5. Go Habs Go!

If you are interested in ice hockey this short documentary is really interesting. It’s not as exhilarating as you might imagine from a video about hockey, it’s more a look into the history of a hockey team narrated by an actual ice hockey champion. Canadians in particular will appreciate this stroll down memory lane.

6. Honor Everywhere

This video is about army veterans, with stories from survivors and how important it is to have war monuments to remember the atrocities of war. Fights in the past have laid the foundation of life in the present. If a real life excursion is not an option VRSync can provide the solution.

7. Insane 360 video of a close-range tornado

The title says it all, really. The viewer travels along in a car that is fleeing from a tornado nearby. As raindrops slowly fall onto the windows of the car, you can see the tornado raging. It’s not a simulation, you are experiencing the real thing. The original audio from the camera mic is not more than wind noise which actually heightens the tension in this nail biting video.

8. Let’s go Rickshaw

This video let’s the viewer take a ride on a Japanese rickshaw. It’s not exactly a replacement for the real thing, in fact it might inspire the viewer to take a trip to Japan. The driver / runner brings some levity to the video with an amicable tone of voice. SyncVR allows every viewer to take place in the front seat.

9. Medical Realities – Surgical Training

This educational video is certainly not for the squeamish. You will witness an actual operation with students observing the procedure. This medical 360 video is great for both medical students and everyone interested in this particular subject matter.

10. Meet the largest dinosaur ever discovered

If you let David Attenborough host an educational video you know you’re in for a quality experience. This connoisseur of both animals and people manages to grab the attention, even though he is ‘standing’ right next to a digital dinosaur. The computer animation allows for breathtaking special effects such like an x-ray vision.

11. Mythbusters Sharks Everywhere!

Swimming with sharks is an English expression, this time the viewer is surrounded by the terror underwater. Although sharks rarely attack humans the threat is palpable. Fortunately Adam Savage from Mythbusters provides some levity by narrating this mini documentary.

12. Out of Syria, back into school

Combining an educational video about war with the story of actual students is a great way to educate children about the consequences of war. Viewers will feel empathy for the kids on screen. The story is told in still frames with narration, there’s no full motion video. Yet the impact of the message comes across loud and clear.

13. Surrounded by Lemurs

If you are unable to visit a zoo, this 360 video is the next best thing. A caretaker tells about the way this Madagascar institution takes care of Lemurs and what makes this species so unique. With VRSync the students can take a trip to the zoo without ever leaving the classroom.

14. What happens inside your body?

This video is presented in a light-hearted way. Quite literally actually because a beating heart is the first thing you will see. Don’t worry, it’s an animation with a narration that is very suitable for a younger audience. The way the story is told makes watching the video more fun than you would expect from this topic.

15. Where’s Waldo

Both kids and adults are familiar with the character Waldo, subject of many ‘find the character’ drawings that have been published over many decades. This contemporary update let’s the viewer discover Waldo, complete with fun narration throughout. If you’re too slow Waldo will escape the scene. Can you find the guy in the red/white shirt before it’s too late?

Virtual reality education does not have to be a solitary experience with the VRSync app and multiple VR headsets. SyncVR is ideal for the classroom and allows you to share the experience. Also read: the 10 best uses of virtual reality in theme parks.