Marketing does not take place in a void, you will need to reach your audience. Not only that, you also have to captivate the target audience and convince them you’re making an offer they can’t refuse. More and more marketing campaigns are taking their efforts to the streets.

TV ads, radio commercials or print advertisements, go where your customers walk, talk and live. Why not introduce some virtual reality to the natural consumer habitat? Here are the three best VR marketing activations on the street, and the reasons why virtual reality marketing works.

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Marketing has always been a passive endeavor. Here is a product, please buy it. With the interactive possibilities of the internet consumers should be addressed differently nowadays, they want to become part of the commercial message. As it turns out, virtual reality offers a way to present a commercial message while providing an interactive platform for the potential customer. Take a look at the following three use cases and discover the potential of VR marketing activation:

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1. TopShop Catwalk VR

The fashion retailer TopShop wanted to invite their customers to the catwalk. It would not be possible to offer everyone a seat during a fashion show, however it is possible for customers to share a single seat. Technically the seat is occupied with a 360 degree camera that shows a fully immersive view for every person wearing a VR headset.

Customers were standing in a line around the block, just to get a glimpse of the catwalk while wearing virtual reality glasses. Besides ogling the latest collection the customers could also see famous celebs sitting in the audience. After the presentation the virtual participants could continue shopping in the actual store for immediate conversion and increased sales.

2. Travel Nevada

The tourism brand Travel Nevada wanted to attract more visitors by showing the sights in the region first-hand. They contacted a VR agency to create several 360 videos filmed on location in Nevada.

The result was presented on PIER 39 in San Francisco. Visitors were invited to wear a VR headset to view the beautiful scenery and walking routes the Nevada area has to offer. Apart from the people on PIER 39 the event was also covered on social media so an even larger audience could be reached.

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3. The Ride in New York

VR Owl was commissioned to create a unique synced VR experience in New York. There are many buses that offer sightseeing tours in this sprawling city. This ride, or THE RIDE as this attraction is called, combines an actual bus ride with an immersive and shared VR experience.

The passengers all wear a virtual reality headset with identical content that is synced for all participants. Because the bus is actually driving around NYC, the hardware and software had to work within a local and mobile network. This was accomplished by preloading the content onto the headsets for an uninterrupted experience. The three sold out VR tours every day proves the versatility of the VR Sync software.

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