This year samsung will st the full focus on the Gear VR headset for the new Samsung Galaxy devices. Although this Virtual reality holder only works with a certain amount of luxury Samsung devices, the managed to deliver up to a amount of 5 million devices worldwide.

Since Samsung anounced by buying a Galaxy s6 you coukld receive a discount or free Gear VR would play a big part in the sales figures. Every individual VR platform needs a big group of avtive VR users to ensure the survival. Samsungs plans of 2017 show that they will expand their positions as a affordable VR platform in the future.

Allot of new titles for the Gear VR
At this point there are up to 600 titles available for the Gear VR. A part of the titles are also available for the google cardboard and the new Google daydream, there are some games and other types of applications that are originally have been produced for the Oculus rift. With the introducing of the new VR controller for the Samsung Gear VR, suddenly there will be all kinds of new possibilities for app developers.

Including 20 new titles by the introductions of the new VR controller, and 50 titles that will show up in a short amount of time the current Gear VR gamesrs will be seduced to purchase the new controller.The new controller doesn’t only work with the new edition of the Gear VR, but also with the 2 previous editions of the Samsung gear VR.

A Night Sky
Coatsink software has developed a simple game for Gear VR owners
that will be available for free. They already kept the support of the new VR controller in mind.

S.W.A.T Academy
This is another game that thankfully makes use of the new VR controller. In this game you can practise with certain types of guns by using the controller as a virtual pistol, rifle and other weapons.

Break a leg

Esper 1 and 2 are among the most populair games on the Gear VR. The combination between puzzle and humor turned out to be a golden concept. With Break a leg the producers try to pursue a similar atmosphere. This time with the use of the VR controller. It looks like a puzzle game in the Harry potter world. A free demo will show of soon, and the full game will be released later this year.

Ultra wings

The new controller may be limited comparing to the Oculus touch controllers for the rift, however the path is now free for Gear VR versions of rift games. Ultra wings switchres to the mobile platform, it is a game where you can freely fly around. Both the Gear VR and the rift work with the Oculus platform, so there will be probably conversions in the future.

The owners of a Oculus rift van play Rockband in Virtual reality, but the Gear VR owners will get SingSpace. A VR karaoke game including a social element. It appears thuis game will fit excellent in the wearable Gear VR headset. SingSpace is developped by Harmonix, the company behind RockBand.

Sharper image exclusive for Gear VR
Every current VR headsets had loads of a “screen door” effect, a grid pattern that arises by magnifying the pixels on the screen. While we are waiting for a payable screen including high resolution, John Carmack of Oculus creates a other solution. By building the image in another way the resolution can optically be increased by a factor of 1.5 per axle which effectively produce a double resolution.

At this point this trick only works in the Oculus home and the Gear VR. Later other types of apps will follow. This isn’t the first time that the Samsung Gear VR the preferreds above the Oculus rift from Carmack, previously minecraft came first out on the Samsung Gear VR.

Google Daydream doesn’t work on the Samsung Galaxy 8
The number of smartphones that meets the technical requirements for the google Daydream can be count on one hand. Although you would be assume that the most powerful android smartphone on the market easily would satisfy the specifications, turns out the new Daydream does not to work on the Samsung galaxy 8.When installing google Daydream you will receive a error that show Daydream can not be installed.

Not so strange, because the Gear VR and the Daydream are direct competitors, otherwise it seems not to be a smart move of google because the Daydream isn’t a big success at this time. Doesn’t Google want their VR system on the Samsung devices, or doesn’t samsung want to give their direct competitors a Platform?

Samsung is on their way to put on a full VR experience with the Samsung Gear VR system. Even when you have another device you can rent a Gear VR, especially with the new controller it would be more fun to play VR games.