There are many ways to spice up your event, or your presence at an event. Build a cool looking decor, hire beautiful models or hand out gifts like Christmas has come early this year. There is an alternative for these tried and honestly often tired methods. A modern, fresh an eye-catching way to attract the attention of your audience; Virtual Reality. Between the cables and equipment required for a HTC Vive setup, and the flimsy “homemade” charm of a Google Cardboard we find the Samsung Gear VR, the ultimate VR headset for events. No, we’re not paid by Samsung to write this, but we are fans of 360 video playback and the ability to watch VR together. And the Gear VR happens to be great for both these duties.


Why choose Virtual Reality?

You can try to make an impression at events but you’re always limited to the location, available space, budget and perhaps even legal boundaries if you are planning something edgy. In Virtual Reality you are in charge, there are no laws except the ones you create yourself. In VR you can tell your story, and show the audience what is important for you. In most cases you will use VR technology as an individual experience, however you can als use the Gear VR Sync for 360 video playback allowing people to watch VR together.


What’s a Samsung Gear VR?

Samsung is a company from South Korea that makes almost everything, from washing machines to tanks for the military. And perhaps washing machines for the military, we haven’t checked… But in the West we know Samsung as a leading smartphone manufacturer, the company that always tries to outdo Apple in new features. With Virtual Reality Samsung was way ahead of the competition, the Gear VR is an innovative piece of hardware that transforms a Galaxy smartphone into a VR headset. Although you don’t get the full “roomscale” Virtual Reality experience, you do get a wireless VR headset with a great screen for 360 video playback. The price for a Samsung Gear VR is pretty reasonable for what it offers, if you need more units you can consider renting this equipment.


How can the Gear VR be used for events?

The Samsung Gear VR is not the best at true VR content due to the mobile processor and lack of depth tracking, but there are some possibilities where this VR headset truly shines:


  • VR tours: These presentations can be designed with both photo and video content, a great way to show a tour at any event.
  • 360 video playback: For 360 video the Gear VR is great thanks to the wireless design. Use the VR headset while seated on a swivel chair for the best experience.
  • Watch VR together: Syncronized VR is possible with the Gear VR if coupled with the 360 video player for groups. This allows you to create a virtual cinema with dozens of participants that can watch VR together.


The Samsung Gear VR is an easy to use VR headset that shows its true potential when used with the special 360 video player for groups. This software makes a synchronized VR experience on many units simultaneously possible.


Ask your VR rental service about all options and rates.