VR Sync version 3.2.0

This new version adds two major features to make VR Sync preloading more versatile.

SD Card content

Devices that support SD cards (Pico G2, Pico G2 4k, and many Android phones) will now be able to use this expanded storage space for local preloading. This allows you to quickly swap local content without lengthy USB-transfers. For more information on SD Card preloading check out this guide.

Local video names

The content filenames will now be listed in the VR Sync Remote. This allows you to see the exact video’s being preloaded instead of for example ‘Local Video 1’. This feature also allows you to see which files are different per device, to identify preloading issues during the testing phase.


We will continue to improve VR Sync. To ensure this, we are planning to roll out new features on a timely basis. If you come across a bug, please do not hesitate to contact us.