The Samsung Gear VR has become an entry point to VR for many mobile users around the world. The sales numbers for the Gear VR are higher than the sales of the VR headsets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive combined, only the simple Google Cardboard has sold more units. A large part of the success of the Samsung Gear VR is the ability to watch 360 video together. The superior synchronize gear vr playback 360 video playback allows for a high quality personal cinema experience, combined with a 360 video player for groups the possibilities are endless. From Theme Parks like Six Flags and Europa-Park up to VR cinema’s, there’s a great demand to simultaneously watch 360 video. What makes the Gear VR specifically “geared” for VR video?


What is Samsung Gear VR?

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world. In collaboration with Oculus VR they designed the Gear VR, a VR headset that is basically a smartphone holder. The hardshell case is specifically designed to accommodate the Galaxy line of devices which makes it possible to play mobile VR games, 360 video playback is also possible. The Android based system makes it possible to go beyond the possibilities of the VR Apps in the Oculus Store, for instance it’s possible to simultaneously watch 360 video in a group. For 360 video’s Oculus Go is a solid alternative for the Synchronize Gear VR video , contact your supplier for technical details and more information.


360 video playback

One of the major features of the Gear VR is certainly the 360 video playback.The high resolution of the smartphone screen works great for VR video. Although streaming video is not nearly as good as local video files, the compact design and wireless capability make this device great for individual home theatre experiences. But apart from watching Netflix from your couch you can also create an immersive VR presentation with the Samsung Gear VR.


Watch VR together

In order to watch 360 video together you will need a 360 video player for groups, and obviously a large amount of Gear VR headsets. If you are planning a VR event you can rent several or even dozens of VR headsets for a couple of hours. Like the individual experience, the 360 video playback looks and sounds best offline, if you want to watch 360 video together you will need a solution with no lag or buffering. To simultaneously watch 360 video you will need:


  • A large amount of Gear VR headsets
  • Local 360 video files pre-loaded on the devices
  • A 360 video player for groups
  • Professional support staff to instruct the audience


And of course a group of people, willing to experience a synchronized VR event. By using preloaded content an internet connection is not required.


Synchronized VR for a VR presentation

Watching 360 video at home is fun, experiencing synchronized VR at an event is something else entirely. You can compare it to the difference of watching a movie at home or in the cinema, only multiply this with 360 degree video, immersive visuals and true surround sound in 3D. Watch VR together and share the experience.