VR Sync version 3.0.10 adds a list of improvements to the existing VR Sync clients and server. We recommend every cloud user to upgrade to the new application to benefit from a great range of fixes.


  • PicoVR Support: Added a dedicated PicoVR client version.
  • Webremote device improvements: Support for hundreds of devices thanks to pagination, and an easier grouping experience.
  • Preload improvements: Cancel preloading at any time, view the progress of your downloads, resume previously failed preloads and exit out of the app.
  • Windows improvements: Exit the windows version with a dedicated button.


  • Fixed multiple small issues in the windows client regarding looping and spatial audio
  • Fixed rare issues in the video playback on Android
  • Fixed issues with local media
  • Improved seeking to the correct point in time


We’d love to hear your feedback. Please contact us if you’ve found any issues or have any suggestions. We’re planning to roll out new features on a timely basis.