VR Sync version 3.4.0

VR Sync version 3.4.0 brings an improvement to the download process and extended support for the Oculus platform.

Downloading Content

The download process is now fully functional when the device is in sleep mode, no longer requiring you to turn the screen on after each download in order to progress. Additionally, a range of bugs related to the display of the download progress have been fixed.

Quest 2 Support

Starting this version, the VR Sync client supports the Quest 2. Use the Preloader to install the application, as you would for the other platforms. Next to the the Quest 2 support, the Oculus build now also contains support for hand tracking. When using hand track on the Quest or the Quest 2, pinch with your thumb and index finger to select buttons on the Pin entry screen.

Other Changes

In the Web Remote, we added the “Calibrate viewpoint” feature. Pressing this button will calibrate the viewpoint of all connected devices.

This release also fixes some issues with the video player, and an issue that prevented some users from reaching the Pin entry on mobile devices.



We will continue to improve VR Sync. To ensure this, we are planning to roll out new features on a timely basis. If you come across a bug, please do not hesitate to contact us.