Originally the Gear VR was a simple mobile solution of the Oculus rift. Both Gear VR as the Oculus Rift work with the Oculus software. However is is the mobile VR headset of Samsung who is in control, with a sales figure over 5 million pieces worldwide. Now the market of the smartphones is stagnating, Samsung is focusing more often on VR. These are some interesting projects Samsung is working on:

Virtual screen

It is actually pretty obvious, a virtual monitor as glasses. Samsung made a concept video that gives all devices in the living room a virtual screen. Because the glasses cooperate with existing hardware like a smartphone or laptop the glass can sat compact. A virtual screen is very big, without the need ance of a big monitor on the desk. The glass has augmented possibilities as well.


Using the system you can make a 3D scan of the living room to customize your interior. After the scan you can set up the virtual room to your own wishes. You can see if the furniture fits, which colours would be nice and you can order the furniture right away using the app. The 3D scanner is at the moment in the concept face.


Using the headset including a build in camera, you can correct eye disorder right away. Just like you can put a filter on the camera image like Snapchat you can sharp or deform the image to compensate the eye disorder of the user. It is possible with the Samsung smartphone and Gear VR, though you have to remove the front just like the image.

Gear VR for everybody

The first Gear VR that you could buy in stores costed €199,-. The second generation of the gear VR wasn’t only better, but cheaper as well with a price of €99,- . With the introducing of the Smartphones S7 and S7 edge the quick buyers could receive a free Gear VR. In this way Samsung received hundreds of thousands new users. They didn’t put the gear in the chest, with 1 million of current users the Gear VR is a big success.

Google Cardboard gets competition

Google cardboard is the cheap way to make use of VR. With the use of a piece of cardboard you can enjoy many VR apps on android and apple devices. Although does The Gear VR offers a better experience with the extra hardware and the closed Oculus system. Also it helps that the Gear VR brings in some nice primeurs like mincraft, one of the best video productions NextVR makes exclusive Gear VR productions.

Samsung is “the brand to beat”

Other companies have to watch Samsung very closely. While gopro has hard times comes Samsung with the Gear VR 360 camera. The rift doesn’t have a VR controller and samsung already showed their promotion appliance for their Rink controller. Beside that the Gear VR is fully wireless. When you buyed a Galaxy S& is might be time for a Gear VR, because the future of VR looks very shiny.

Plant the virtual seeds

Samsung is investing in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things and other innovative technologies. The recently invested allot of money in 10 startups: 2Sens, Converge Industries, Dashbot, Entry Point VR, Filament, Intezer, LiquidSky, Otto Radio, SafeDK, en Virtru. With the investment the companies can expand to a ‘Series B investment’ round, either receive more capital from investments. Samsung has spread 5 offices over the world that put their focus in innovation, in Korea, Mountain view, New York, San Francisco and Tel Aviv. More locations will follow.

Passion for the next level

In fact Samsung has turned the Global innovation Centre to Next with the purpose to transform the Samsung Ecosystem. This Goal lies in line with the developments of last years. Specially the mobile branch of Samsung look like to follow the demarcated rate of Apple. You can use the Gear VR only with specific Samsung devices. Although 150 million looks like allot of money, within the investment world it is just a drop on a hot plate. Take for example the mixed reality company Magic Leap. After several investments they represent a total value of 4,5 billion dollar. That is just 1 company without a showable product. Facebook invested a total of 3 billion in the Oculus Rift, a headset with less sales figures than the Gear VR.

Tip: Don’t have a Samsung device, but you want to test the possibilites of VR? You can rent a Gear including advise