The Oculus GO is a mobile VR headsets released by Oculus in may of 2018. It’s a so called all in one headsets which has all the hardware on board to operate independently. In this article you’ll read everything about the Oculus GO and it’s impact on VR events. We’ll discuss the following.

What is the Oculus GO
Oculus GO compared to other headsets for events
Why Oculus GO is so suited for events
Why the Oculus Go is the ideal VR Sync companion

What is the Oculus Go?

The Oculus Go is the second VR headset released by Facebook. The older sibling, the Oculus Rift operates in six degrees of freedom whereas the Oculus Go only supports three degrees of freedom. Simply put; this means that with the Oculus Go you can only look around compared to with the Oculus Rift where you can also walk or jump around in the virtual reality space

For 360-video playback this is not an issue. The Oculus Go is actually a better option compared to the more expensive Oculus Rift. If you want to watch 360 video or play simple games, the cheaper and easy-to-use Oculus Go is the logical choice. Especially for VR events, arcades and other facilities where larger crowds have to experience virtual reality at once. For 360-videos, the Oculus Go is the best choice at the moment.

It has a great screen, sensors and battery which can play 360 video’s at resolution of 4096 x 2048 resolution at staggering 70 frames per second. The battery lasts for almost 2,5 hours when continuously playing 360 content.

Oculus Go VS Google Cardboard

The Google Cardboard offers an entry level VR experience using just cardboard and two simple lenses. It works, is cheap,  but the experience is far from perfect. The image quality is lacking and the quality of the experience relies solely on the phone capacities itself. Securing the phone is also difficult which makes it prone to theft and there is a big risk of it falling.

Oculus Go VS Gear VR

Both the Gear VR and Oculus Go are solid choices for synchronized VR and our VR Sync solution works with both. However, the Gear VR is more expensive because you also need a Galaxy smartphone. Additionally the Gear VR has more issues with overheating and has a shorter battery life. The handling is also more complicated because you have to remove to phone to manage content and properly charge.

Why use the Oculus Go at your event?

The Oculus GO is simply made for VR. Specifically designed with tailored hardware which results in a much better experience, especially for VR events. The screen has more pixels per inch which results in a clearer images which can even manage 70 frames per second.  Better lenses and battery life up to 2,5 hours makes it the weapon of choice for any VR event.

Next to the great quality, the Oculus GO also has a chic look and the headset fits well on your head. It’s the most comfortable mobile device so far. Which counts for a lot when having to put the headset on for multiple occasions during an event. No adjustment of focus is needed because the Oculus GO has large lenses which are suited for most viewers.

Why the Oculus Go is the ideal VR Sync companion

Next to the great image quality, easy of use and high comfort it matches perfectly with our Sync solution. Files can be uploaded to the devices with ease and than played back in sync with just the press of the button. Using our specially designed Sync box you don’t even need an internet connection on site. Just connect the Oculus Go to the Sync box and you are ready to roll.  With our web remote you can even group multiple Oculus GO and play specific content to selected devices. it’s also possible to check the battery level which gives you enough time to replace a unit if necessary.

Oculus GO; the best VR headset for events.

The Oculus GO is the best headset for VR Sync because of the following:

  • Made for VR; all hardware is included for stand alone playback
  • Great image quality, high FPS, long battery live and no overheating
  • Great look, comfort and suited for almost everyone’s vision
  • Affordable at just 220 euros and easy to handle

Would you like to test the Oculus GO with our VR Sync software? We offer a trial which you can request here.