Presentations can be a nerve-racking experience, we’ve all been there. Weeks of blood, sweat and tears and it all boils down to this short moment. Relying on just talk can be a gamble. Visualization is essential. While most people use 2D tools like PowerPoint or Prezi we’re big fans of using immersive media like VR.

“Prepare an immersive presentation and blow the competition out of the water"

In this post we’ll first show why VR is such a great tool to present with. Secondly, we’ll talk about the ways you can use VR and the different types of content and equipment you need. Giving you a great insight in the benefits and uses of vr for presentations.

3 reasons why VR is such a great tool for presentations

While virtual reality is often overlooked as presentation tool we think it’s a great way to help get your message across because of the following reasons:

1. Immersive

During most presentation you’ll notice that the focus of the audience will decrease. It’s extremely important to keep them paying attention. One way of course is varying in content.  Start with a joke, move to a serious point and discuss a relevant case or project. Show a video, ask a question or start a discussion.

Virtual reality however provides a tool which offers complete immersion. Once the headsets goes on, there is no distraction but a complete focus. The viewer is completely surrounded in your virtual world. No way to escape your message.

The technology has already proven to help students remember information better since there are no distractions.  If it works for easily distracted teenagers, why shouldn’t it work for your audience?

2. Interactive

Most type of tools like PowerPoint are a passive experience while VR has layers of interactivity. In the most passive form the audience can look around in a 360 degree environment. In the most advanced form they can  interact with surroundings.

In any case 360 content will be a much more engaging experience than letting your audience sit through slides. Encouraging interaction has already proven successful in education to motivate students, so perhaps it can motivate and increase results with your audience?

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3. Memorable

Virtual reality is often referred to as a ‘VR Experience’. This is very true, it can be a life changing event which opens up the eyes to the unlimited potential. It has already been shown that people remember information better when given in a virtual environment.

This may mean that your presentation will stand out among others and that the audience will remember your message more profoundly.

The best VR content and hardware for your presentation

The best content of course depends on your use case, audience and your goal.  It should strengthen your story, visualize your idea or help get your message across.

For this purpose we suggest using 360 media. Photos, videos or virtual environments where the user can freely gaze in 360 degrees. This type of content has a beginning and an end which helps you keep control. Some examples include:

  • VR concept presentation
  • VR showreel
  • VR mood board
  • VR tour

In terms of hardware we suggest a VR headset like the Oculus GO for your VR presentation. If you need something for the audience to remember you by, a branded VR Cardboard with a link to your 360 content will do well. We already provided more information about the best VR hardware for presentations in case you need more information.

So called all-in-one headsets offer an easy way show your VR presentation 

Present perfect with VR Sync

Presenting your 360 content can be done with specialized tools like VR Sync. This allows you to easy play your content to multiple people at once with the press of a button. You’ll be amazed by the impact of an immersive presentation when all goes well.

We’re really eager to know how you used VR for your presentations. Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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